We are a part of HEREWEAR – Empowering local, circular and bio-based textiles!


The use of bio-based materials as well as reuse and recycling are emerging practices in the textile sector. The EU funded HEREWEAR project aims at the creation of a European ecosystem for locally produced circular textiles and clothing made from bio-based resources. We from Sourcebook / Sqetch will support the project to close the loop in textile production by creating and implementing digital tools and networked solutions. 

Today, a large amount of clothing is produced in low cost countries, sometimes far away from the brands creating them, under poor labour conditions and with few concerns for the environmental impact. The vast majority of clothing is made of two types of fibres; polyester and cotton. These, however, have considerable disadvantages and shortcomings. Polyester is oil-based and mainly sourced in the Middle East, whilst cotton is mostly grown in e.g. India, with a large environmental impact because of pesticides and high water consumption. The textile sector is considered the second largest contributor of microplastics.

The HEREWEAR project aims at the creation of an EU economy for locally-produced circular textiles and clothing made from bio-based resources. This will be realised by a holistic approach covering all necessary levels. On the technical side, emerging sustainable technologies for wet and melt spinning of cellulose and bio-based polyesters, for yarn and fabric production and for coating and colouring will be developed and piloted at semi-industrial scale. Further, we will maximise the sustainability and circularity of our clothing via connecting regional microfactories and by platform-supported, networked production resources. 

Sourcebook will contribute to the HEREWEAR project with concept, development and implementation of the community platform, networked manufacturing matchmaking and a production management tool based on its experience with the Sqetch platform and its global network of fashion industry stakeholders.

The HEREWEAR consortium is strongly SME driven, including 8 SMEs and 1 large enterprise. These are completed with 6 research organisations. This way HEREWEAR covers all required expertise and infrastructure from academic, applied research and industry from 9 different EU countries, complemented with the support of a US SME.

Find out more on the project website.


Get in touch with Maxi at maxi@sqetch.co in case you have any questions, suggestions or wishes.

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