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Difficult times create unique opportunities. The past few months have heavily shaken up the fashion industry. Now, as lockdown measures are being eased up across the world and consumer demand for garments is slowly rising, it is time to catch the momentum to leverage your skills and maximise your business value.

In order to embrace the change and overcome the challenges, fashion brands and suppliers are in need of systemic transformation underlining the shift to nearshoring and on-demand production, processes automation and adoption of a more sustainable and digital approach.

To boost sustainable transformation and improve business performance, Sqetch has partnered up with industry experts DS AGENCY and Maxi Bohn to continue our series of essential e-learning resources for fashion enterprises, which are now available in our webshop as a digital download.

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Get to know our Toolboxes, Trainings and Guides:

Product Management & Pricing Toolbox

This toolbox provides you with strategic product assortment benchmarking methods, a step-by-step introduction to professional product management, size & fit management and pricing with complimentary guides, templates and tools.

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Product Management & Pricing Training

1on1 45min video consultancy session with our CEO Marte Hentschel will give you advice on product management principles and tools, scaling and internationalisation strategies and the right pricing approach for your individual brand profile.

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Textile Certifications Toolbox 1

Developed by DS AGENCY, this Toolbox is an ultimate guide to textile certifications for processing units, including an overview to the most common standards, social and environmental aspects. Toolbox 1 is the basic knowledge you need for navigating through Toolbox 2.

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Textile Certifications Toolbox 2

This Toolbox is an extension to the Textile Certifications Toolbox 1 and contains valuable insights to textile audits from an auditor’s experience, compliance structures and certification offices. The document will give you the practical guidelines to apply your knowledge gained already.

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Customizable Tech Pack Toolbox – Choose your components

This Toolbox comes as a modular version of Excel templates allowing you to pick and choose the suitable pages for your brand. Using these, your technical department will elevate the quality of its spec sheets to top league level. Created by senior professional Maxi Bohn, it is the final step to become trusted partners with suppliers and manufacturers.

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Meet our experts

DS AGENCY: DS AGENCY is a Sustainability Culture and Supply Chain Transparency agency by Dorothee Sarah Spehar. The unique project is motivated by contemporary compliance guiding and the need to create a link between technical knowledge and creative approaches for fashion businesses. DS AGENCY educates, advises, collaborates and engages through online/offline events.

Maxi Bohn: I have over a decade of experience in fit engineering and product development at a strategic level within international players like Zalando. I have been leading several product development teams for apparel products and managed the digital transformation in a successful online fashion brand. My expert knowledge in product, process & people management is the basis to enable my clients deliver their a-game.


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