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Trustworthy, punctual, flexible and high-quality, this is how you can describe Studio NiMa. We are happy to introduce them and warmly invite you to find out more about their clothing and textile production services and how they implement sustainability in their daily business.

The berlin-based company Studio NiMa started working in the fashion business in 2007 and entered the German market in 2016. They have a great knowledge when it comes to extraordinary or intricate products, the production of basic pieces and high-quality collections. This knowledge enables them to help their clients to realize unusual cuts and manufacturing, innovative products and collections.

Studio NiMa supports brands, designers, start-ups and developers to create and develop their products and collections, offering them support throughout the entire value chain. They enable their clients to request help when and where it is needed. In other words, clients choose between a full service or individual processes, such as implementing zippers. Finding solutions for new ideas and developments is what sets Studio NiMa apart from its competitors, going beyond simple collections and garments. Studio NiMa’s client base is diverse, working with start-ups, commercial companies, fashion brands, developers of everyday clothing as well as animal clothing, interior, accessories and many more. Having projects in all kinds of areas, they always focus on delivering high-quality products.



Sustainability is a rising factor in the fashion and textile industry, here, Studio NiMa acquired a lot of knowledge in the past years. Today, they are working with sustainable and certified manufacturing plants and are in a close relationship with sustainable associations.

Currently, Studio NiMa is organizing and supporting different international productions. This is possible due to their big partner network, ranging from material sourcing to manufacturing. A sustainable and certified production is always possible, it does not matter if the production takes place in Germany, in Europe or even worldwide.

Studio NiMa’s Service Portfolio:

  • Materials Research and Ordering
  • Production preparation (including delivery/ packaging)
  • Sampling preparation (including delivery/ packaging)
  • Sewing (including cutting)
  • Cut / Grading / Cut alteration 
  • Technical drawings / Graphic work
  • Tech Packs/ Model sheets
  • Calculation
  • Consultancy / Communication
  • Fitting
  • Development / Drapery / Handcraft Couture
  • Design / Draft
  • Design consultation
  • Graphic design
  • Coaching

In the future, their goal is to have an entire scope of companies, designers and start-ups next to growing the number of international purchasers and production partners.
















How to get in contact?

Contact Person: Niclas Kauffeld


Phone: +49 30 67128599

Address: Wolfener Str. 32-34, Haus C, 12681 Berlin


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