Sqetch Wrapped – Looking Back at 2021


Dear Sqetch Community, 

An exciting year full of change is about to end!

The year 2021 was a challenge for the fashion industry with a global pandemic affecting the entire world – economically, socially and culturally.

One key learning from the pandemic is that more than ever the fashion industry needs a supply chain that operates smoothly and sustainably, and this will be the priority focus for all businesses in the fashion value chain for 2022,  as stated by the publication Business of Fashion. In this article, you can explore how Sqetch tackles this need.

We at Sqetch are collaborators at heart, curious learners and bold innovators. We rolled up our sleeves to improve and grow the platform so that our users can benefit from the digital transformation of our industry. We know how important it is to achieve your business goals, and we want to make sure you can count on us for that. We aim to give you the best experience and value from our product.

To celebrate the ending of the year, and the new start of the following one, we created a recap of 2021 to summarize what we’ve been doing and the exciting things to come in 2022 – as sharing is caring!

In this retrospective, you will see:

  • Sqetch Mission & Values
  • Our Achievements
  • Remarkable Events of the Year
  • Projects Milestones
  • Manufacturers We Love
  • Greetings from our CEO

Ready to get started? Us too!

The Sqetch Mission

Accelerate sustainability and innovation in the fashion industry, sustainable textiles and partnerships.

“We create matches that matter”

Sqetch has grown and there are new tools and features available. Take a look at our video to get the whole picture of the Sqetch solution:

Our Achievements

2021 was very productive for us –  we worked on new features and improved the platform with a milestone every month. The achievements are not only ours, but they are also yours!

New platform features

Thanks to valuable user feedback and the great effort of all team members from multiple fields including design, marketing, business development and IT, we released the brand new Sqetch platform with improved usability. The improvements included the Agency ServicesMagazine and Resource Center.  It also means numerous benefits for Brands and Manufacturers who can find better matches and manage their orders smoothly and intuitively.

If you wish to learn more about all the new features and changes, visit our blog post.

In addition, Sqetch offers a great variety of e-learning resources from beginners to advanced levels, including several free guides. For that reason, you are not alone on this journey – we’ve got the tools to support your professionalization journey.  Also, if you need a deep dive, you can book training sessions with handpicked experts from our network, who’ll be happy to help you.

Visit the E-Learning Shop

The redesigns of the platform have significantly improved and here are the key features for the new manufacturers’ search directory and request for quote (RFQ).

Want to learn more?
The features are already available when visiting your dashboard or searching for manufacturers –  and you can already use all the benefits provided.

If you are interested in the membership plans (brands or manufacturers) but don’t know which one is the right one, you can book a demo tour with us!

User Support Improvement

Along with the transformation of the platform, we’ve put a strong effort into developing tools to support users in different stages of the matchmaking process and also help them clarify their questions, improve their profiles and make the best out of the features. As we know that your time is precious, everything has been carefully developed to make it as clear as possible – and of course, the support team is always available and happy to help you with anything you need!

The CO2 Calculator

Fashion supply chains are highly complex, and we aim to enable brands to make educated and considered decisions when choosing a supplier to promote local production. We are happy to introduce our brand new feature – the logistics CO2 footprint calculator – which is part of the updated RFQ feature. The CO2 footprint calculator gives an estimate per 1 item in the project and considers the distance between brand and manufacturer and the shipping mode.

Exciting, right? You can try it here.

The Sqetch Team only gets bigger

It’s not all about design and features, Sqetch has invested in the perfect team! Hiring qualified professionals is fundamental, but we’re also aware that it’s not everything. It is important to us to have people on board who fit our values and beliefs. The Sqetch team is not only composed of colleagues, we are family.

In September 2021, the team travelled to a small town in Germany for a “Team Retreat”. The location was hand-picked as a unique opportunity for team-building and to recharge our energy. The Sqetch team spent a couple of days realigning the priorities, strategies and values of the company. The activities included workshops, brainstorming sessions, report presentations and of course games and fun hiking around the Polish border.

Remarkable Events of the Year 

The pandemic also helped us to expand our horizons.  The Internet has become even more crucial, introducing new modalities of events that allows people worldwide to be part of events that before were only possible in person. Sqetch is honoured to take part in many special events where the common goal is to empower the members of the industry to reach objectives related to business development, sustainability and professionalization.

202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit  

202030 — The Berlin Fashion Summit is a cross-disciplinary platform, where avant-garde creatives meet industry stakeholders for constructive critical debates on the future of fashion. The goal is to bridge the gap between existing sustainability innovations and solutions with the industry’s need for pragmatic transformation guidelines and to envision tangible new alliances for new value chains for a sustainability-trendsetting future of fashion.

1st Edition: This took place as part of Berlin Fashion Week Jan 2021 which successfully encouraged a change in the fashion industry and inspired rethinking the future of fashion.  With almost 1500 registered participants, international and local experts, the innovators from fashion, science, business, education, politics, art & tech were invited to debate: Envision & Encourage Future Fashion System. Click here for the recap.

2nd Edition: This took place in Aug/Sep 2021 with the aim to encourage actions that are genuinely able to create a positive impact on society and the fashion industry. The online format of the event allowed people from all over the world to participate and watch the talks and workshops conducted by a selective list of industry experts, debating: ECOSYSTEMS – How to implement positive impact? You can visit our blog post for a complete recap.

DeFINE: Fashion-Technology Showcase

Our CEO, Marte Hentschel was part of a panel exploring topics from sustainability, retail, wearable-tech, European innovation and investment in fashion-tech at the DeFINE Fashion Tech Showcase. It had the participation of fashion-technology experts to inform the attendees about the latest trends in the industry. Click here for more info.

Meeting Berlin&China Networking Partners LIVE at AsiaBerlin Summit 2021

In our mission to join forces with top-notch partners for positive impacts in the industry, our CEO Marte Hentschel contributed to the CN-BC session “Trends and Best Practices in China” at AsiaBerlin Summit 2021 last week – a special occasion in which the Berlin & China Networking Partners met LIVE.  Check out the details of this unique event.

Sqetch CEO Marte Hentschel for shemakes

Marte was invited as a guest of this incredible project named #shemakesvoices offered by shemakes. The main goal was to empower future female innovators of the sustainable fashion industry through motivation, skills and network. Marte was interviewed as a successful leader and entrepreneur to inspire the future generation of the industry.

Motivate yourself, take this chance to get to know our CEO and this inspiring project – and let’s join forces in the journey of gender equality.  Watch now for the complete interview!

Project Milestones

Sqetch is part of a number of multistakeholder R&D projects that aim to shape the fashion and textile industries with groundbreaking technology and sustainability methods and tools. We use our voices to catalyze the transformation of the fashion industry. The participation in projects enables the creation of holistic solutions in close collaboration with various industry experts (coming from different backgrounds and viewpoint angles).

“We are much more than a platform –  Sqetch is proudly part of distinct projects that aim to empower the fashion and textile industry.”

Marte Hentschel – Sqetch CEO


According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation “the EU manufacturing sector could realise net materials cost savings worth up to $630 billion per annum towards 2025 — stimulating economic activity in the areas of product development, remanufacturing, and refurbishment.”

This huge opportunity requires a new level of collaboration across the value chain and digital infrastructure like Sqetch to manage material and data flows seamlessly. The Herewear project aims at the creation of a European ecosystem for locally produced circular textiles and clothing made from bio-based resources. Within the project, Sqetch is developing an API between our platform and platforms of circular.fashion, Mai Bine, and Queen of Raw, that enable users to seamlessly design and produce fashion items, covering steps from material selection to post-production textile handling.

As a result of this partnership, we are soon implementing the brand new Bill of Materials feature to our platform, enabling our community to overview and easily manage all the components of their products.

If you are curious about the latest of the project or local, circular & bio-based textiles, make sure to watch this space and subscribe to the Herewear newsletter.


Fashion has a transparency issue. Sustainability claims are often misleading or a greenwashing issue. Also,  counterfeiting has increased enormously in the era of super-fast fashion. Technologies like Blockchain can be powerful solutions to tackle these challenges towards a safer, more transparent future proof industry.

That’s why we are honoured to be a consortium partner in the TRICK project- the H2020 funded project for the adoption, tracing and demonstration of sustainable approaches by means of an innovative and circular product information management system secured by Blockchain.

Sqetch plays an essential role within the TRICK project to spread the word. We are responsible for managing all of the project-related dissemination activities and will create relevant content for dedicated channels targeting all possible audiences for TRICK. Sqetch also contributes to ideation, development and implementation of a project-related community platform, networked manufacturing matchmaking and production management tool for the pilot project rollout.

To learn more, click here.

Cooperation Network Berlin & China (CN-BC) – 关于中国柏林合作网

The Chinese market is adding enormous business opportunities for fashion businesses, but it can be challenging to enter. Therefore our project CN-BC supports new business partnerships between Berlin and China in the green tech, UX and design industries. Through a series of events and meetups, both real and virtual, the project offers entry points into the German and Chinese markets with legal, trade and intercultural support for businesses, industry experts and local organisations. An online community platform serves to initiate and develop relationships, to identify and realise synergies; while digital tools for video conferences and workshops will be explored to reach a wider audience and promote green business practices at a time of global travel restrictions and climate change.

To find out more, you can watch the CN-BC video here.


The issue of overproduction and the complexity of the fashion supply chains largely facilitates textile waste and contributes to global climate emissions. It also prevents the implementation of innovative fashion concepts and brings to light the issue of over-stocking that direct-to-consumer brands are prone to. Keeping this in mind, together with DITF, the German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf, we recognized the need for a digital platform to facilitate the “on-demand” close to market production in smaller quantities and shorter lead times.

We joined our forces with DITF – the German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf – for a span of 2 years, aspired to bring together fashion creatives, brands and manufacturers and to create a barrier-free collaboration space.

KompakT project has already brought to light the update of the request for quote feature on our platform and the introduction of the logistics CO2 footprint estimation feature.

Learn more in our press release!


Manufacturers We Love

At Sqetch, excellence and quality are essential to develop and improve the fashion & textile industry. As the success of our members is also our success, we aim to create an environment of strong partnerships. For that reason, we proudly recommend our special manufacturers that reflect our values:

Art Dress
ASBX Fashion Group
Fashion Team
Felipe Tadd
First Promotional Clothing Company
Grun sp. z o.o.
GS 7 Co.
Katty Fashion
Smart Sourcing
Studio Nima
Too Fabric

If you are interested, just click on their link to send a request for a quote and start working with them.


Greetings from our CEO Marte Hentschel

Turbulent times can bring up new opportunities, especially for innovators and pioneers to support a more resilient fashion ecosystem in the future. In times like these, community becomes fundamental and collaboration is key so we can all grow together.

With that in mind, we wish you all peaceful Christmas holidays and a happy new year.

We look forward to fruitful collaborations in 2022!

Take care and keep safe.

Best regards,

Marte Hentschel & The Sqetch Team.

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