Sqetch is now dressed up for the future – our new website is out. Come take a tour with us!


Dear Sqetch Community,

We are thrilled to share with you that our new website was completely redesigned to make it more user friendly and improve your experience using our platform.  It also means numerous benefits for Brands and Manufacturers – now the platform is way more intuitive, so you can get the most out of our services and resources. 

Our new website is already available, and it’s more unique than ever! 

Ready for the ride?

Homepage – Simple, but rich in details. 

Let’s start with the homepage – now it’s much easier for brands and manufacturers to understand better the exclusive features for each of them, and learn how they can benefit from them. 

Let’s take a look:

Are you a brand?

Sqetch supports brands to digitise their product development process. Collaborate with the right supply chain partner, at the right time. Whether you search for new suppliers, work on new product ideas or simply look for an efficient way to communicate about sample making and production. With the Sqetch Sourcing Platform, brands can manage all this in one place and in few clicks.

Are you a Manufacturer or Supplier? 

Sqetch supports clothing manufacturers, fabric suppliers and service providers to digitise their business and product development process. Increase the online visibility, build new relationships and optimise existing partnerships. Whether you look for new fashion brands to work with or simply look for an efficient way to communicate about sample making and production – and everything available on the Sqetch Production Platform.

Memberships – Easy to compare, easier to pick!

Browse through the membership features in a heartbeat. Now it’s effortless for Brands and Manufacturers to learn more about the types of memberships, visualise the features and choose the one that best fits their needs. 

Memberships Brands

Find out which membership (Free, Lite or Premium) is the one right for you. The memberships were designed in detail, to make sure our platform can help you find the right partner, increase your network and develop your fashion brand. You can check all the features details here.

Interested in giving it a try?  You are more than invited to request a demo here

Memberships Manufacturers & Suppliers 

Our memberships are exclusively created to make sure you can make the best out of the platform,  helping you boost your business, through strong and effective partnerships. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of our membership (Bronze, Silver, Gold) –  to dive more into details, visit our membership page here

Exciting right? Book a demo with us!

Resources & Tools – We improve, you benefit. 

The Sqetch Shop

The new Sqetch shop was refurbished to ensure you enjoy the greatest experience. Count on an immense catalogue of e-learning materials, tools and guides to help you in your journey to success and create a positive impact.  Learn about Tech Packs, Sourcing & Technical Development, Product Management & Design, Production & Quality Management and Sustainability – all products were carefully developed and created by experts and Sqetch partners in the fashion and textile industry.

Let’s go shopping!

The Sqetch Magazine – You are never left behind in a conversation. 

In our new blog space, our goal is to always keep you in the loop and make sure to bring inspiration, fashion guides and all you need to know about the industry news. Our blog provides hundreds of articles, carefully developed and created by our experts, exclusively for our community, so we can all grow together. 

Sqetch Agency – Joining forces for positive impacts

The Sqetch Agency is our fashion consultancy providing a range of innovative products and services to the apparel and textile industry. With an experienced team of fashion professionals, we support companies with sustainable service development and innovation. We aim to transform the fashion industry into a more sustainable one. That is why we partner up with fashion businesses, small and big, to make this change together.

User Support – Your satisfaction means the world to us

Our motto: happy you, happy us.

For us, it is extremely important that our users can enjoy the best experience using our services. We are all susceptible to bugs, mistakes, and questions – for that reason, the contact centre was also renewed, and our support team is ready to assist you in anything you need! 

If you have any questions, just click here – we are happy to help!


Our support team is incredible, we know it. However, we also know that your time is precious – and for that reason, our FAQ was completely redesigned and developed to avoid extra support. New frequently questions were added, and our explanations were simplified- and better than that: you can access them at any time you need. 

We hope you have enjoyed the ride. Our new website is a great achievement for us and we are truly proud of it! It was precisely redesigned to ensure you the greatest user experience while using our platform and enjoying our services. 

If you are not a member, come join us

Questions? Our support team is happy to assist you. 

Attention Spoiler:  Our brand new dashboard is coming soon with incredible features! Stay tuned!

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