How it works for Brands


Finding the perfect manufacturer can be exhausting. Save time and find your suitable manufacturer or service provider in minutes.

How it Works

  1. Sign Up

Sqetch makes signing up easy. Only an email is required, and once signed up you can begin to create a project.

2. Create a Project

Our project management tool makes it simple for you to give the basic details of your product including: Product Type, Number of Styles, Total Quantity, and Preferred Materials. Once you have added your product(s) to the Project Bar, simply click “Show Results.”    **(3 styles + 100 per style = 300 total)

3. Review Search Results

Sqetch’s search algorithm finds you the best matches from our list of over 2.5K manufacturers from around the globe. Read the profiles of each matched manufacturer and pick your top matches. Remember to check what services they provide.

4. Get a Quote

Once you have found your ideal manufacturer(s) simply click the “Get a Quote” button, review your match, and follow the 3 step process to send your request. 

5. Negotiate & Produce 

Once the manufacturer reads your request, they will approve your request and you can begin speaking to one another using Sqetch’s messaging tool. Once you have come to an agreement, watch your design come to life! 

Get to know Sqetch by checking out our Video!

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