Smart Textiles Showcase – from Finland


As part of the Innovation Roadshow Showcase, we are excited to present some trailblazing smart textiles from Finland.

From chemical-free cellulose fibres to electronic fabrics, read on to discover more about the exhibitors and how to attend the showcase.


Founded in 2015, Spinnova converts wood pulp into textile fibre without using harmful chemicals. Made in a closed process with FSC certified wood or waste streams, Spinnova fibres could be considered the most sustainable fibre in existence: requiring 99% less water than cotton (trees don’t need watering like cotton plants) and putting considerably less strain on the environment than viscose, which is both water and chemical intensive. Currently in the R&D phase, the finished textile is fluffy, warm as wool, with a stretch and strength akin to cotton. It can also be dyed before the wet spinning phase, spun into yarn, made into knitted, woven or non-woven fabrics, recycled and finally composted after use.

Aalto University

Bringing ICT, materials, arts, design and business together to approach challenges related to energy, the living environment and health, Helsinki’s Aalto University will be presenting two pieces of research:

• Smart garments that detect neurological disorders in infants: a pair of pants that identifies sleep states by monitoring respiration and ECG, and a suit for documenting movements and position using EMG. Both garments deploy Movesense Technology, also from Finland.

• Ioncell: a technology that turns wood pulp or any cellulose material – from old newspapers to cotton fabrics – into new, long-lasting textile fibres without using toxic chemicals. The finished material feels like and shares similar properties to cotton, and could therefore replace it as a more sustainable alternative in the future.

Planno specialises in the (mass) production of wearable technology, offering services from concept and product design to R&D and manufacturing management. With a large and reliable global supplier network, Planno provides cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, such as laser cutting and lamination in bonding materials to improve wearer comfort, as used in wearable textile electronics for medical care, wellbeing and sport.

Myontec is a cutting-edge wearables company taking muscle activation technology out of the lab and applying it to everyday situations to gain a greater understanding of muscle behaviour. From monitoring work-related musculoskeletal disorders to analysing athletic performance, their easy-to-use, all-in-one smart clothing systems track EMG (electromyography) and motions, together with heart rate, to provide insights into how each muscle is performing, with no loose electrodes or wires impeding movement.

Happy Textiles
Happy Textiles is a privately owned Finnish company that focuses on the commercialisation of new textile materials and technologies. Building a cross-industry and -border networking database for the textile technology industry, Happy Textiles offers a variety of consulting services and events to help develop ideas, facilitate R&D, tackle business challenges and speed up time-to-market.

Innovation Roadshow Visitor Information
14th – 17th May 2019 @ Hall 4.1 Stand C46, Hall 4 Messe Frankfurt

Purchase your Techtextil & Texprocess ticket – please note a Techtextil ticket will grant you access to Texprocess and vice versa, as well as the Fashionsustain conference on the 14th May from 11:00 to 14:00 in the Forum, Hall 4.

Title Image: Tapio Haaja

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