Think outside the box with the Thinkathon collaborative problem-solving workshop.

The Thinkathon harnesses the power of multidisciplinary dialogue to help solve business challenges faced by brands, companies and corporations. Inspired by the computer programming hackathon, the Thinkathon takes place over 48 hours with teams competing to find an innovative solution to a problem set by an industry-leading Challenge Host. Sqetch has previously hosted Thinkathons at the Messe Frankfurt and NEONYT trade fairs, with the likes of Zalando, Hugo Boss and Otto Group participating as Challenge Hosts.

Each Challenge Host presents a problem that relates to their business, such as: “How can the circular economy be more accessible, appealing and tangible for the customer?” or “How can mixed reality be used to make the fashion industry more sustainable?”. Two teams of five to ten Participants then explore these challenges, supported by trained systems thinking Coaches. To get the most exciting results, we select Participants from a wide range of fields, locations and age groups.

The Thinkathon enables Hosts and Participants to collaborate with other professionals while learning how to develop ideas using agile methods. What’s more, there’s the chance you might even find new clients and employees in the process.

Interested in hosting a Thinkathon Challenge? Contact us by clicking on the button below for more information.

Interested in hosting a Thinkathon Challenge and become a leader in sustainability?

Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more detailed information.

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“The Thinkathon is an insightful and creative format for us to explore future customer needs. It’s very inspiring to be part of these interdisciplinary and highly committed teams.”

Jacqueline Kellner

Fashion & Apparel Marketing Manager, CEER, Lectra

"We decided to become a challenge host to find out what our customers will come to expect in the future."

Katrine Schneider

Head of Sustainability, Bikini Berlin BHG

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