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Tapping into our extensive network and access to the latest sustainable fashion trends, we create high quality editorial content in order to keep your audience up-to-date.

For Messe Frankfurt’s Texpertise Network we delivered a series of articles exploring the technologies that could help close the loop. Accordingly, the Texcycle series went round the textile vale chain spotlighting cutting-edge materials, techniques and systems. Starting with sustainable Raw Materials, we covered everything from Biofabrication to Virtual Design and Sampling. Coming full circle, the series closed with an in-depth overview of The Circular Economy.

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“The Thinkathon is an insightful and creative format for us to explore future customer needs. It’s very inspiring to be part of these interdisciplinary and highly committed teams.”

Jacqueline Kellner

Fashion & Apparel Marketing Manager, CEER, Lectra

"We decided to become a challenge host to find out what our customers will come to expect in the future."

Katrine Schneider

Head of Sustainability, Bikini Berlin BHG

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Sqetch Agency is our fashion consultancy providing a range of innovative products and services to the apparel and textile industry. With an experienced team of fashion professionals we support companies with sustainable (product) development and innovation. We aim to transform the fashion industry into a more sustainable one. That is why we partner up with fashion businesses, small and big, to make this change together.

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