Textile Certifications Toolbox 1

Textile Certifications Toolbox 1

This Toolbox is an overview of certifications, social aspects and environmental compliance. Toolbox 1 collects the knowledge needed for the practical part of Toolbox 2.


This toolbox will guide Processing Units through the most common sustainability certifications by Textile Exchange and GOTS. Aside the comparison of the standards you will find an introduction to dignity in supply chains, labour rights and health & safety. The last part of the toolbox is an explanation of environmental benchmarks, chemical regulations and production inputs used in textile compliance.

Toolbox Resources:

  • Overview and Comparison Standards
  • Social Compliance Trainings
  • Labour Rights and Trade Unions
  • Migrant and Home Workers Rights
  • Anti Discrimination and Violence Prevention
  • Health and Safety Measurements
  • Energy and Water Regulations
  • Waste and Emission Frameworks
  • Chemical and Input Management

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