| Fashion tools created by industry professionals, the Sqetch toolboxes help you to understand the production process. Also, it supports the learning journey to boost and develop businesses, through sustainable and efficient growth.

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This Toolbox serves as an essential guide for SME brands, designers and production managers to manage one of the most challenging elements.
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This Toolbox will help you to implement a sustainable strategy. It provides essential guides, checklists, templates, and tools to make your business more sustainable. Training: In this 1on1 45min video consultancy session our CEO Marte Hentschel gives you advice on available tools and systems for certification, supply chain transparency, and compliance management.
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This Toolbox provides you with all the necessary elements needed to create your tech packs and increase your production management skills. Training: during this 1on1 expert training session Sqetch CEO Marte Hentschel supports SME brands with their Tech Pack development and management.
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This Toolbox provides you with a holistic guide and accompanying templates to simplify the sourcing process and define a sourcing strategy. Training: during this 1on1 expert training session, Sqetch CEO Marte Hentschel supports SME brands with their Sourcing & Supply Chain Management.
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The Circular Design Kit includes state-of-the-art strategies, solutions and product briefings on how to design fashion for circularity.
This toolbox enables you to optimize your online shop and to market your sustainable fashion successfully.
This modular/full Tech Pack Toolbox created by senior professional Maxi Bohn allows you to pick & choose pages that match your business model.
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Toolbox 01 is an overview of certifications, social aspects, and environmental compliance. It collects the knowledge needed for the practical part of Toolbox 02. The #02 contains insights into compliance structures and certification documentation from an auditor’s experience.
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This toolbox covers strategic product assortment benchmarking methods, professional product management, size & fit management, and pricing. In the 1on1 45min session our CEO Marte Hentschel coaches on product management principles, scaling and internationalization strategies, and the right pricing approach.
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