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| Between us, the Sqetch team has over 100 years of experience within the fashion and textile industry. We want to share our knowledge with others so we can change the industry for the better. Our guides cover topics such as “How to start a clothing line” or “How can your brand become sustainable”, as well as practical checklists.

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This Toolbox serves as an essential guide for SME brands, designers and production managers to manage one of the most challenging elements.
This Toolbox will help you to implement sustainable strategy. It provides essential guides, checklists, templates and tools to make your business more sustainable.
This Toolbox provides you with all necessary elements needed to create your tech packs and increase your production management skills.
Create state of the art professional Tech Packs by combining the Tech Pack Toolbox resources with a 1on1 expert session for your Tech Pack development and management.
This Toolbox provides you with a holistic guide and accompanying templates to simplify the sourcing process and define a sourcing strategy.
This free beginner guide gives you an overview of all the different steps that you need to consider when creating a tech pack as well as different expert advice.
Do you want to start a clothing line? Then have a look at our beginners guide to find out all the essentials steps that you need to take into account.
All-inclusive bundle: Full Tech Pack Package and live 1 on 1 session from and with Senior Industry Expert Maxi Bohn.
The Circular Design Kit includes state-of-the-art strategies, solutions and product briefings on how to design fashion for circularity.
This checklist created by senior professional Maxi Bohn helps established brands to assess strengths and development areas of your existing documents
Improve sustainability by combining the Sustainability & Compliance Toolbox resources with a 1on1 expert session on supply chain transparency and compliance management.
This White Paper is an ultimate guide to catalyzation of the sustainable transformation in the textile and fashion industry.

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