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To sign up and start using the Sqetch platform is completely free of costs. Free Members can try out our service and increase their online visibility. Free features included: 

      • Personalised company profile
      • Increased online visibility: 25.000+ Brands
      • Full access to our Messaging Tool 
      • Project Management Tool
      • Access to the Bulletin Board (community forum)

Our Paid Memberships are designed to offer best coverage to apparel manufacturers digital needs. Learn more about the different memberships and features below.

Join the Community

€ 9 per month. € 108 billed annually.

All Free features plus:

  • Bronze Supplier badge: Vetted Sqetch member
  • 3rd tier Search Ranking: Higher compared to free users in the Search Directory
  • 1-hour assistance PM: Dedicated Sqetch support to set up company profile
  • 10% off e-learning resources and certification courses
  • Display up to 10 images in your profile’s gallery
€ 39 per month. € 468 billed annually.

All Bronze features plus:

  • Silver Supplier badge: Vetted Sqetch member
  • 2nd tier Search Ranking: Higher compared to Bronze members in the Search Directory
  • 4-hours assistance PM: Dedicated Sqetch support to maximise online visibility
  • 20% off e-learning resources and certification courses
  • Get promoted across our social media
  • Get featured in our newsletter with over 25.000+ subscribers
€ 99 per month. € 1188 billed annually.

All Silver features plus:

  • Gold Supplier badge: Vetted Sqetch member
  • 1st tier Search Ranking. Higher compared to Silver members in the Search Directory
  • 8-hours assistance PM: Dedicated Sqetch support to maximise online visibility
  • 40% off on e-learning resources and certification courses
  • Display up to 25 images in the profile gallery
  • Exclusive access to over 25.000+ TOP brands from all over the world
  • Extensive network promotion, dedicated to your business needs
  • Sales support: 10 high-quality leads based on your target preferences and needs

Most common questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions on how to use the Sqetch platform to the fullest.

What is Sqetch?

Finding the right manufacturer can be complicated. Sqetch makes it easy. The online solution to simplify your sourcing process and save time to find your perfect partner. Visit this page for more information and to see all the features and benefits that Sqetch offers.

To learn more:

How does the Sqetch platform work for clothing manufacturers, fabric suppliers and service providers?

The sourcing process can be exhausting and time-consuming. Sqetch helps you to find suitable brands for you by getting you the exposure you deserve. Receive high quality leads today and connect easily with new businesses.

To learn more:

Is Sqetch also a manufacturer/supplier?

No, Sqetch is a B2B matchmaking platform to connect brands with manufacturers and suppliers. For that reason, it does not offer manufacturing services. However, our job is to find the best alternatives for your brand – this means we have a robust network of manufacturers and suppliers that can meet your needs.

Why should I use Sqetch?

For Manufacturers and Suppliers, it is an unique opportunity to boost their business by being part of a network of thousands of innovative brands with great potential and looking for professional partnerships

Other question(s)?

Please visit our FAQ page, or get in touch with us by clicking on the chat icon on your right – our team is here to help!

Need Assistance?

Not sure which plan to choose? Get in touch with our team and we’ll assist you in choosing the right plan for your business.

The Corona crisis will ultimately result in a market shakeout. At the same time, this is an opportunity for new, courageous, innovative ideas. Those who have already adapted to the digitalized market and to the high demand for value-based sustainable concepts will have a chance in the long term

Marte Hentschel

"We decided to become a challenge host to find out what our customers will come to expect in the future."

Katrine Schneider

Head of Sustainability, Bikini Berlin BHG

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