Post-Crisis-Fashion gets a creativity & sustainability boost


The Fashion Industry undergoes a tremendous transformation and a post-pandemic vision is discussed amongst all stakeholders of the textile value chain.

Fashion United states that 30% of global fashion businesses will not survive the crisis and it becomes clear that those enterprises will master the challenges coming with the Covid-19 that manage a fundamental shift towards a value driven, customer centric business model that embraces both sustainability and new technologies.

Before getting back to business as usual, you could leverage your skill set and there are amazing tools and programmes available for companies of all sizes.

We teamed up with selected partners to provide essential toolkits, guides and trainings helping you to put theory into practice.

E-Commerce is on the rise but sustainable webshops are often under-performing and not reaching their full potential. Berlin-based consultancy agency Just Sust. provides an essential guide for improving webshop performance for sustainable fashion brands, maximizing their reach, sales and customer happiness. You want to boost your shop? Explore the ‘Online Shop Optimization & Sustainability’ Toolbox.

Since textile supply chains collapsed, fashion brands and suppliers are looking for more local and circular alternatives. 70% of a product’s environmental and social impact is related to the design stage, however, designers are often detached from the rest of the product’s life cycle.Circular Fashion digitilized their renowned Circular Design Kit’, an essential strategy tool for fashion designers and brands towards a circular business model.

According to the UNFCCC, the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the global carbon emissions and generates about 45% pre-consumer waste, which makes it the least resource-efficient industry in the world. You want to get started? Here is our free Beginners Guide to Fashion Brands Sustainability.

Our ‘Sustainability and Compliance Toolbox’ provides fashion brands with a guide for responsible sourcing, an essential tool to understand and apply textile standards and certification, a step-by-step compliance management guide and a self-assessment tool to map, measure and monitor your CSR activities. The toolbox comes with a complimentary 1on1 training session with Sqetch’s CEO Marte Hentschel for getting an expert check and first hand advice on your sustainability strategy.

If you are a fashion SME we would like to support you with a 40% discount on our e-learning resources. Just use the code ‘SMEsupport’ at the checkout in our webshop.

This is the time for pioneers to set the agenda and for key industry players to team up with innovators for pre-competitive collaboration. We are all in this together!

Image credit: Utopia by Cho / Unsplash

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