Open Call – 202030 – THE BERLIN FASHION SUMMIT Pop Up Think Tank Participation


Welcome to the new decade of fashion!

Berlin is transforming itself and aims to enter the year 2021 strengthened as THE location for sustainability, innovation, and creativity in fashion – And we want YOU to be part of it.

Thus, we are thrilled to invite you to register for the PRE SUMMIT of the very first edition of the digital 202030 – BERLIN FASHION SUMMIT * that is part of Berlin Fashion Week in January 2021.

202030 – THE BERLIN FASHION SUMMIT, consisting of two parts: The PRE SUMMIT Pop Up Think Tank and the final SUMMIT, is designed to be(come) an interdisciplinary movement, in which creative and critical grassroot protagonists meet industry stakeholders.

Take the chance and join one of the 3 workshops of the Pop Up Think Tank to rethink and redesign the post-pandemic fashion system together. The online workshops take place in exclusive get-togethers. Register in this form and introduce yourself to our content committee.



Make sure to register before 28.12.2020 (end of day) as we have very limited spots!

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See you there!

* 202030 – BERLIN VISION SUMMIT is funded by Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises Berlin. Partner with Berlin Fashion Week


Get in touch with us at in case you have any questions, suggestions or wishes.

Your Sqetch team

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