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Facing the current challenges that heavily affect the textile industry we partnered up with experts and innovators from our network to provide SME Fashion Brands with essential resources like online tools and trainings to professionalize their operations.

Major trends are gaining momentum and brands need to adapt their business models towards digitization, sustainability and resilience. It’s time to shape this industry together! From nearshoring to on-demand production, transparency and customization, direct-to-consumer and automation, we are in the middle of a systemic transformation that holds opportunities for those who embrace the change.

To provide fashion enterprises with the right tools and guides to successfully run more sustainable and digital business operations for a post-pandemic industry Sqetch partnered up with industry experts, Maxi Bohn and Just Sust. and launched a series of essential e-Learning resources which you can now purchase as a digital download from our webshop.

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Get to know our Toolboxes, Trainings and Guides:

Production & Quality Management Toolbox

Finding sources and managing production is one of the most challenging elements. This Toolbox is an essential guide for SME brands, designers and production managers to plan and manage the production, quality and logistics along the entire supply chain with multiple stakeholders.

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Production & Quality Management Training

This 1on1 45min Training session provides SME brands with a hands-on support for production management. Meet Sqetch’s CEO Marte Hentschel and build your production strategy for scalable, sustainable and future proof business in the competitive fashion market.

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Sustainability & Compliance Toolbox

Producing better quality, longer lasting clothes sourced responsibly with environmental friendly materials is a win-win for each stakeholder. This Toolbox provides SME Fashion Brands with essential guides, checklists, easy to use templates and self-assessment tools to develop and implement a holistic sustainability strategy or future proof business models.

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Sustainability & Compliance Training

Access the hands-on support for sustainability and compliance. Meet Sqetch’s CEO Marte Hentschel and develop your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and get advice on available tools and systems for certification, supply chain transparency and compliance management to build a value driven, future proof and scalable business with purpose.

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Circular Design Kit Digital Edition by

The Circular Design Kit developed by includes state-of-the-art strategies, solutions and product briefings on how to design fashion for circularity.

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Online Shop Optimization & Sustainability

This toolbox by Just Sust. enables you to optimize your online shop and to market your sustainable fashion successfully. The guide helps you to improve three key design principles of your online shop, shows you how to directly influence your success and how to deal with the challenges of sustainability and transparency.

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Tech Pack Checklist

This checklist enables established apparel brands to assess the quality of their tech packs on top league level. Created by senior professional Maxi Bohn it provides the ultimate overview of the strengths and development areas of your existing documents.

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Tech Pack Toolbox – Full Package

This Toolbox comes as a full package of excel templates ready to use for your established apparel brand. Using these, your technical department will elevate the quality of its spec sheets to top league level. Created by senior professional Maxi Bohn it is the final step to become trusted partners with suppliers and manufacturers.

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Expert Tech Pack Review plus live call

Get the unique chance to let your Tech Pack be reviewed by Maxi Bohn – Senior Industry Expert. Learn about the strength and development areas of your existing documents and how each of them can be improved.

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Tech Pack Toolbox – Full Package plus live call

A feel good package to push your Tech Pack Creation to another level. It includes the full package of excel templates ready to use for your established apparel brand and a live 1 on 1 session with the creator and senior industry expert Maxi Bohn.

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Meet our experts:

Maxi Bohn: “I have over a decade of experience in fit engineering and product development at a strategic level within international players like Zalando. I have been leading several product development teams for apparel products and managed the digital transformation in a successful online fashion brand. My expert knowledge in product, process & people management is the basis to enable my clients deliver their a-game.” “The team works towards making a difference in the industry towards a more sustainable, responsible way of designing, producing and consuming fashion. We’re supporting fashion brands on their journey towards circularity by sourcing sustainable and circular materials, consulting in the design process and providing an infrastructure for recycling.”

Just Sust.: “We are two young female entrepreneurs who consult brands and retailers how to optimize their online marketing of sustainable fashion. According to latest insights, we have developed an innovative tool applying tailormade design principles to analyze online shops and give recommendations for optimization. Our vision is that sustainable fashion is not only the better option but becomes a matter of course.”

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Coming soon

In the coming weeks we will release more toolboxes and online trainings for brands:


Intermediate Level:  

Advanced Level:

  • Product Management & Pricing Toolbox & Training 

  • For manufacturers & suppliers: Sustainability & Compliance Toolbox & Training



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