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Make products that customers want to keep! In our partner member Maxi you’ll find the combined experience of the operational side of developing garments, leading people and building strategies. She left the corporate landscape of fast fashion to support brave new players that drive sustainable change. She helps you to create great products with efficient processes run by the perfect stakeholders for your business as she believes the world doesn’t need more clothes, but better ones.

Who are you?

I am Maxi – a technical product development senior expert for apparel goods. I offer the knowledge I have gained in more than 10 years working in the fashion industry to brands and related institutions.

What’s your mission?

My mission is to support those who share my vision.

“The world doesn’t need more clothes, but better ones.”

As an innovative partner I support fashion brands of all sizes to build and improve their technical product development. I enable related institutions to offer the best fitting solutions for the fashion supply chain. My senior expert knowledge in product, process & people management is the basis to enable my clients deliver their a-game.

Where are you located?

I am living in the heart of Berlin, Germany and happily travel to my clients wherever they are located around the world. I enjoy face to face meetings and video calls. Out of respect for mother nature I will only travel by train and public transportation within Europe. Depending on the location I’m also open to using alternatives.

How did you start and when?

In 2018 I looked back at over a decade of a successful career in the fashion industry. I was lucky to gather my experiences in startups, middle sized companies as well as international cooperations. My next step would have been to become a “Head Of Technical Development” for some of the top players on the market. However, I decided that my days of working for fast fashion brands and enabling ever decreasing selling prices are over. So in 2019 I turned all my skills into a consulting business.

What are your services/ products?

I am a garment technician, pattern maker, fashion designer and dressmaker with over a decade of experience. Next to craftsmanship skills, I also managed several teams and built strategies to improve products and processes. My focus lies on women & men apparel including special sizes (plus size, maternity, tall & petite). Next to consulting I am also open to collaborations, managing projects, interims positions, freelance opportunities and speaking jobs.

Each season I offer brands the opportunity to apply for the ‘Social Days Program’, where a seasonal winner is chosen by lot. The consultancy services are provided for free and are not dependent on the size of the brand nor the challenges they bring to the table. This program is designed to support young brands with expertise that would usually take years to build themselves. However, mature brands that want to work on a challenge in their technical product development area are also warmly welcome to sign up.

Who are your clients/ customers?

My client base consists of brands as well as institutions that are doing business for brands. For example production agencies or software providers enabling circularity in the supply chain or sizing recommendation online.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Institutions driving change. Fashion should neither hurt people or animals nor the environment. So everybody participating in this transformation of the supply chain is warmly welcome to get in touch with me, especially tech driven approaches.

What do you want to achieve in the future?

I would love to see that we as consumers start to value fashion again. In order to enable the awareness for the true worth there must be the corresponding offer of styles, good quality and transparency. I hope to further enable brands and other supply chain partners to provide these products.

Contact Details:

Contact Person: Maxi Bohn


Phone: +49 0174 9475592

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