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The fashion industry is heavily affected by the current crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Brick and mortar sales have come to a standstill, e-commerce is barely absorbing the loss of sales and global supply chains have been interrupted. This is a major challenge for SME fashion labels and textile brands, but also an opportunity for a reorientation of the fashion industry towards sustainability and digitalisation. In the post-pandemic future, companies that offer value-oriented concepts with lean structures and innovative visions will be successful.

After three decades of intensive outsourcing white label or private label production, orders are now being shifted back towards the consumer markets. That gives you access to on-demand production by avoiding overproduction and waste. You can also trace the supply chain more easily and transparently and work in close partnership with manufacturers with flexible order quantities, increased product quality and shorter lead times. Often this also means that production is based on the cut-make-trim principle and the label has to source the materials and ingredients itself and organise the logistics. 

This complex organisation of production involves risks, time and costs, therefore small and medium-sized fashion brands have to leverage their skills and work with smart tools in order to reap the benefits of sustainable on-demand production with best-in-class manufacturers and suppliers.

For this purpose, Sqetch has developed digital Toolboxes together with industry experts, which you can now purchase as a digital download from our webshop.

In order to support SME brands in their professionalization and sustainable transformation, we offer these professional guides, tools and templates at a 60% discount, as a special support in this COVID-19 crisis. 

In cooperation with selected experts and trainers, we launched the following Toolboxes and Trainings in our shop:

Tech Pack Toolbox

the essential guide for developing state-of-the-art technical packages, a Preparation Checklist and Interactive Templates of Product Spec Sheet, Line Sheet and Material List with examples. The Toolbox is complemented by a training course in which you will receive an Expert Check for your production documents.

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Tech Pack Training

This Training session provides SME brands with a hands-on support for Tech Pack development and management. Meet Sqetch’s CEO Marte Hentschel, a sourcing and supply chain expert, lecturer and consultant with 10+ years of experience in the clothing industry. Get an expert check and professional advice on your Tech Packs to avoid costly risks and improve your sustainability impact in this 45min 1on1 video consultancy session.

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Sourcing Toolbox

sustainable, agile apparel sourcing for SME brands with a step-by-step guide and overview of the various procurement systems and their advantages and disadvantages, Manufacturers Questionnaire and templates for Quotation, Order, Invoice and Delivery Note. This Toolbox is complemented by an online training session where you can get expert advice to set up your supply chain.

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COVID-19 Support Offer: Book the individual Toolboxes for 39€ instead of 98€, and the Training for 34€ instead of 59€ or book them as package – Toolbox &Training – for 65€ instead of 129€.

Coming Soon: In the coming weeks we will release more toolboxes and online trainings for brands:


Intermediate Level:

  • Production Management Toolbox & Training
  • Sustainability & Compliance Toolbox & Training

Advanced Level:

  • Customizable Tech Pack Toolbox
  • Checklist & Expert Tech Pack Review plus Live Call with Maxi Bohn


Intermediate Level:

  • Product Management & Pricing Toolbox & Training
  • For manufacturers & suppliers: Sustainability & Compliance Toolbox & Training

Advanced Level:

  • Expert Tech Pack Review plus Live Call with Maxi Bohn
  • Tech Pack Toolbox – Full Package plus Live Call by Maxi Bohn

You want to learn more? Check out our digital Toolboxes and online Trainings in our Webshop. Please get in touch if you have any questions or want to share feedback.

Your Sqetch Team.

*We have a 30-day refund policy.


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