Style Park Sourcing

A one Stop solution for your sourcing needs- Style Park Sourcing can give you the exact solution to your Techpack at the most reasonable cost. We can do any Items starting from lingeries, Tank Tops, Bottoms, Sweater, Bottoms & Denim. No MOQ



11 - 50


ISO 9001 certified GOTS Certification




Refining your idea towards an actual product. Clarifying the making process to realize your product.


Making a technical drawing of your idea. To be sure your design is well constructed and ready for production.


Finding and sourcing the raw fabrics, materials and other components to produce your product.


Creating your product samples. This step is necessary to finalize the pattern used for production.


Production of your designs. After finalizing your sample(s) and meeting the required minimum order quantity.


StylePark Sourcing is on a Global Startup Apparel Mission Campaign –

Apart from our long term regular SME Buyers, we are also now dedicated to cater to Startups and can make as low as only 10 Pcs per Color per style .

The following products we are currently making –
1. Basic T Shirt
2. Polo Pique T Shirt
3. Yarn Dyed Special T Shirt – Organic, Better Cotton, Non Organic
4. Woven Twill Pant, Chinos Shorts.
5. Woven Denim Bottoms
6. Woven Denim Jacket
7. Knit Denim Bottoms.
8. Kid Items – Oekotex Certified Printing cost is mandatory when we take order -we are zero tolerant on baby and kid items.
9. Sweater Items.
10. Rompers
11. Lingerie Items – Basic, Premium , Customized , Leak Proof etc .
12. Women Capris
13. Jumpers
15.Bridesmaid Dress
16. Boho Summer Dress Long, White Silk Dress, Beach Summer Dress Cotton, White Dress, Crochet Dress, Sexy Dress, Beach Cover Up, Beach Dress
17. Kaftan Dress
18. Sleeveless Flapper Dress
19. Evening Slip Dress
20. One Shoulder Dress Silk
21. Summer Linen FlaX Dress
22. Cocktail Dress
23. Casual Drape Dress
24. Cocktail Tops
25. All sorts of sweatshirts
26.Infinity Scarf
27. Mohair Hat
28. Beanie Cap
29. Face Mask
30. Isolation Gown
31. Canvas Tote Bag
32. Gymwear

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