New Style Ltd

High-quality production of T-shirts, Polo shirts and Ties


In-House Production

51 - 150






Refining your idea towards an actual product. Clarifying the making process to realize your product.


Making a technical drawing of your idea. To be sure your design is well constructed and ready for production.


Finding and sourcing the raw fabrics, materials and other components to produce your product.


Creating your product samples. This step is necessary to finalize the pattern used for production.


Production of your designs. After finalizing your sample(s) and meeting the required minimum order quantity.


New Style Ltd is a high-quality menswear manufacturer based in Bulgaria with a main focus on T-shirts & Polo shirts. Our level of quality and professionalism helped us create a partnership with one of the world’s most popular luxury brands. We have partners and produce for different companies in Italy, Austria and France. Our history dates back to 1991 when our company started and specialized in tie production and still is until today. We currently produce for our clients and for our local label STYLER.

You can be sure that our team of professionals is able to capture your order from the start through the sampling and production and to the finishing touches to meet your desired quality.

Please contact us at for any requests and be welcome to visit and explore our factory in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Management Consultant & Auditor AA
Audit certificate
Issued by Adamo Adriano
Data of audit: 28/09/2017

Wethica – Worldwide Ethic Alliance
Issued by Pierig Vezin CEO of Wethica
Date of audit 26/02/2018

ISO 9001:2008
Certificate No: CI/ 13444
Issued by 29/05/2012
Expired by 28/05/2015

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