Felipe Tadd

Felipe Tadd is clothing manufacturers with a head office in the UK that specializes in manufacturing, importing, exporting, and distributing high quality apparels and garments across the world.


251 - 1000






Refining your idea towards an actual product. Clarifying the making process to realize your product.


Making a technical drawing of your idea. To be sure your design is well constructed and ready for production.


Finding and sourcing the raw fabrics, materials and other components to produce your product.


Creating your product samples. This step is necessary to finalize the pattern used for production.


Production of your designs. After finalizing your sample(s) and meeting the required minimum order quantity.


Felipe Tadd Pvt Ltd is an experienced manufacturer, importer and distributor of high-end apparel and garments across the globe. Well known for our decades of expertise in production and marketing, we striveto deliver the finest blend of quality wears with a promising fashion that meets contemporary international needs and standards. Felipe Tadd aims at upgrading your wardrobe while conserving the environment with the focus on sustainable techniques that minimize the harmful impacts on nature and maximizes the positive effects.

Felipe Tadd is on a mission to establish itself as a leading producer, exporter, distributor and wholesaler committed to Ethical Fashion.

Felipe Tadd is a group of experienced businessmen from various trade sectors ranging from manufacturing, exporting, marketing, retail and e-commerce. We dedicate ourselves to meet our customers’ expectations in all, out of every, perfection. We probe, peruse, plan and proceed to make the best out of every single proposal put forward to our table. there in lies the core strength of Felipe Tadd Pvt. Ltd.

As a manufacturer, exporter, distributor and wholesaler Felipe Tadd will have it’s strategy and professionalism to achieve the best.

Felipe Tadd London is a textile leader in fashion and home textile design, development, sourcing, manufacturing, and supply situated in London, United Kingdom. Felipe Tadd is a group of individuals that have demonstrated their expertise in sourcing, product creation, manufacturing, supply chain management, and importation. Felipe Tadd’s ethical sourcing is carried out from offices in India, Bangladesh, and China in response to buyer inquiries received at the company’s headquarters in the United Kingdom.

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