Amsterdam • Netherlands • Europe
Private Label
11 - 50

We help you get what you want in the right quality, for the right price within the required timeframe. We identify with your brand and target group. With over 20 years of experience, we have a wide range of connections. We like getting into your shoes.


NETRACO manufactures these products.

Leather goods
Pants / jeans / trousers
Suits / tailored / garments
Coats / jackets
Sportswear / activewear


NETRACO helps you with these services.


Refining your idea towards an actual product. Clarifying the making process to realize your product.


Making a technical drawing of your idea. To be sure your design is well constructed and ready for production.


Finding and sourcing the raw fabrics, materials and other components to produce your product.


Creating your product samples. This step is necessary to finalize the pattern used for production.


Mass- production of your designs. After finalizing your sample(s) and meeting the required minimum order quantity.


Netraco is a leading private label company for international retailers and fashion brands in the outerwear business. With almost 20 years of experience and working for fashion companies all over Europe, we have a deep understanding of todays’ fashion landscape. Besides knowing the new fashion trends by heart, we also know what your competitors will introduce and how to keep ahead of them.
Consider us a very experienced partner that you hire to help you design the perfect collection of bestsellers. A partner that can even assist you in taking over the entire product development and production process of your collection. With our in depth knowledge and experience in outerwear we take your unnecessary workload. Our aim is to make it work. We believe in transparency, honesty and open relationships. We like taking on challenges but we also like being realistic. We love giving advise, preparing critical paths and making sure you get what you want.

Our success is largely based on our personal approach. At Netraco we put great importance in long-standing and very close relationships with the people from the brands and retailers we work with. We love to share our experience and knowledge with small fashion start-ups, but we are also thrilled to create and design for established fashion brands and retailers. Having a close personal connection with our clients is always the key to good business in our opinion. When you add our creativity and enthusiasm, you have the perfect mix!

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