Our mission is to offer clients competitive service rates, while ensuring quality production and control of all processes in manufacturing. Your satisfaction is our priority.


In-House Production

11 - 50




Beachwear / Swimwear
Pants / jeans / trousers
Shorts / skirts
Suits / tailored / garments
T-shirts / shirts / tops
Underwear / lingerie
Sportswear / activewear
Sleepwear / robes
Coats / jackets
Childrenswear / babywear



Refining your idea towards an actual product. Clarifying the making process to realize your product.


Making a technical drawing of your idea. To be sure your design is well constructed and ready for production.


Finding and sourcing the raw fabrics, materials and other components to produce your product.


Creating your product samples. This step is necessary to finalize the pattern used for production.


Production of your designs. After finalizing your sample(s) and meeting the required minimum order quantity.


Located in Riga, Latvia, DER SCHATZ sewing manufacturer has strong experience in CMT quality manufacturing of men’s, women’s, and children’s garments. We specialize in the production of sportswear, t-shirts, sweatshirts, ladies’ blouses, dresses of lightweight woven fabrics, and jerseys. Also, we produce a variety of children’s clothing. Our sewing departments are equipped with most advanced sewing equipment, including:
– Overlock sewing machines (JUKI)
– One-needle sewing machines (JUKI)
– Cover Stitch Machine (Kansai Special, (Mauser Spezial, Yamato)
– Flatlock Machine (Brother FD6-B942-1-52)
– Zig-Zag Machine (Juki LZ-2284A-7) with 20 different zigzag stitching
– Feed-off-the-Arm, Double Chainstitch Machine (JUKI MS-1190)
– Pfaff 4 needle Chainstitch Machine
– Lockstitch Button-Holding Machine (JUKI-LBH-780)
– Ironing tables and generators (VEIT)
– Fine Edge sewing machines;
– Doubling press machine, etc.

We offer all services from concept to production and are able to offer tech-packs to customers who need it. We ensure the quality of our products through thorough inspection and control of all the stages of production. We look forward to building a professional relationship with you!

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