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Portugal, the westernmost point of Europe, is a country that bears a big value for European apparel and textile industries. Over the decades, the Portuguese manufacturers have been mastering their garment production skills and building their worldwide reputation for high-quality clothing production with a charm of Portuguese centuries-old experience in manufacturing.

While analyzing activities on our platform in the first half of 2020, we have observed a substantial shift of many projects to regional manufacturers, among which Portuguese manufacturers are showing strong performance.

On Sqetch, around 9% of all projects are executed by manufacturers from Portugal. As the pandemic crisis unfolded weaker points of the fashion supply chain, more and more brands have started turning towards nearshoring. The renowned quality of produced textiles and garments makes sourcing and manufacturing in Portugal an attractive opportunity that also enables to save up time on production and shipping costs.

For Portugal, the apparel and textile industry has been an economic growth driver for the past decades. Being one of the key industrial sectors in the country, the fashion industry accounts for about 10% of total exports which includes a vast variety of product categories, such as leather footwear, house linen and t-shirts.

Here are some quick facts about the fashion industry in Portugal:

We asked Portuguese manufacturers on our platform why their country is so essential for the fashion industry, and here is their view:

ASBX Fashion Group

“Making in Portugal has clear advantages facing Turkey and Asia. In Portugal clients can expect a high level of service and trustworthiness besides just a high quality product. If a customer plays by the right rules it’s possible to successfully build an amazing partnership with high production efficiency with a Portuguese manufacturer, even to a brand who is starting with low quantities for first seasons. At ASBX, if a project proves interesting, we go all in with the client and really invest our time and knowledge to help them build a next generation supply chain. The textile & garment industry, at least in Portugal, is suffering a substantial change in the last few years. We are seeing lots of new and emerging startups reaching out every day and the old high volume clients fading more and more often. So we believe that the following years will be crucial for the industry in general to focus more than ever on quality of service and medium to high price point garment solutions for new brands, as these customers will define the industry of the next decade.”

Fashion Team

“It’s the combination of the most important things a customer can wish for: Quality, communication, reactivity and deliveries on time.”


“Portuguese manufacturing industry has century old manufacturers who work with cutting edge technology and are both professional and perfectionists in what they do. We are the manufacturers “near you”, because by truck goods arrive anywhere in Europe within 4-5 days and by courier in 24 hours. Manufacturing industry in Portugal includes all types of products such as clothing, footwear, cork, leather goods, jewellery and many more.”  

Since the pandemic has pushed the textile sector to rethink the way it works, many people have started looking for new partners and exploring new opportunities for business. Discover more Portuguese suppliers and manufacturers on our platform, or even start a new project with them, it’s easy.

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