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SnipSnip.Fashion provides design, pattern cutting, sizing, grading and sample making services to bring your ideas to life, from sketch to toile. Read our latest Sourcebook Partner interview and find details for the €90 Pattern Cutting Package Competition below!

1. Who are you?
We are a family-run garment producer focusing on small orders from independent designers and young labels. 

2. What’s your mission?
With SnipSnip.Fashion we want to open the door and make it possible for everyone to get easy, fast, affordable and unique sewing patterns. 

3. Where are you located?
We have an office in Zürich, Switzerland, where everything starts and is managed from, and then our production is in Bosnia & Herzegovina, where our team make, grade and print all the patterns and sew the mockups.

4. How did you start and when?
The idea was born five years ago. We noticed that many of our clients had trouble with their patterns. Either they did not have enough knowledge to make a complete sewing pattern for production or they had to pay a lot to get it done for them. We have seen that the easiest way is that we do the pattern and the grading. Our customers were happy that we could do it quickly at almost half the price they were used to paying. So we started working on it and here we are with SnipSnip.Fashion.

5. What are your services?
We make a sewing pattern in a digital file and a printed one. In addition to that we make a sewn mockup of the pattern. And all this for a fixed price: we have four pricing categories starting from 129 EUR up to 209 EUR, the price depending on the amount and complexity of pattern pieces the garment consists of. BUT! Until the end of May we are offering an introductory flat rate of 90 EUR – no matter how complex the pattern.

6. Who are your clients?
Our clients are independent designers, young labels, design schools and retailers with their own collections.

7. Who would you like to collaborate with?
If I could make a wish I would love to work with the notjustalabel team and to sit down with Burda Digital Ventures would be a dream come true.

8. What do you want to achieve in the future?
Our first goal is to stop the brain drain from my home city in Bosnia, which we want to achieve by being the number one individual pattern provider. With this, we want to give more designers and labels the opportunity to make small collections and not to need that much capital as it is needed now.


To celebrate their launch, SnipSnip.Fashion are giving away 3 free pattern cutting packages, which include: a digital pattern file, plotted pattern set and toile – worth 90 EUR each. To enter the competition, simply send a short project proposal and motivational email to by the 31st May 2018

The three winners, their designs and toiles will then be featured in a follow-up post on the Sourcebook website – so get creative!

If you have any questions please get in touch at


+41 78 943 36 36

Nikole tesle 8, 78252 Trn-Laktasi, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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