Introducing: IndiDye by Expert Fibers



We are very excited to introduce our new Sourcebook partner IndiDye: the trailblazing natural dyeing solution from Norwegian textile company Expert Fibres. Offering an alternative to industrial dyeing processes that use vast amounts of water and chemicals, IndiDye deploys ultrasound to achieve a new level of colour fastness previously unseen in traditional plant dyeing methods, with minimal environmental impact. 

The patented technique involves putting unspun fibres into tanks of liquid dye where they are exposed to ultrasonic pressure waves that push the colour pigments into the fibre core. No chemical fixatives are required and water consumption is significantly reduced – to the point that there is no waste water! To add to the mix, lower temperatures and shorter dyeing times improve energy efficiency and cut down on emissions. 

IndiDye carefully manages the entire supply chain from plant to production of their organic range of IndiYarns and fabrics – currently available in cotton jersey, wovens and Tencel blends. The dye plants, such as turmeric, safflower and comfrey, are cultivated on farms that are close to water and the dyeing mills, thereby limiting artificial irrigation and transport, undergo crop rotation to boost soil conditions and are grown free of pesticides and artificial fertilisers. What’s more, the consumer can even trace the dye batch of the end product!

1. Who are you?
Expert Fibres is a Norwegian company specialising in the development and distribution of innovative solutions for the global textile industry.

2. What’s your mission?
Our mission is to replace harmful components in manufacture and processing with sustainable and responsibly made high quality ingredients. 

3. Where are you located?
Oslo, Norway and Shanghai, China.

4. What are your services/products?
We sell natural plant-dyed yarns and fabrics.

5. Who are your clients/customers?
Established medium to large brands.

6. Who would you like to collaborate with?
Medium to large brands who share our commitment to a more sustainable and responsible textile manufacture.

7. What do you want to achieve in the future?
Replace a significant amount of chemical dyes in the textile industry, and contribute to a significant reduction of water consumption.

Martin Thorkildsen | Contact Person +47 926 95 166 +

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