Introducing: Art Dress



1. Who are you?

My name is Greg Slupianek, I am a GM and a co-owner in Art Dress. I am passionate for clothes and the craft of clothing making. I’ve been involved in garment making since I was a kid. I used to work a vacation part time job in our family business most of my vacations.I have been working 10 years full time now in this industry. This gave me quite a lot of experience and broad view on the whole process. I have passion for heritage workwear and have designed my own heritage workwear collection with my friend Roland Leglaye. In my company I’ve seen over 12000 samples and patterns made, I can’t even count all the garments produced, but this is a whole lotta clothes. During my career I’ve worked on most of the jobs in my company.  Right now my focus is in on the business side of our company, marketing and consulting for other brands.

2. What are the services you are offering?

We are pattern makers, technologists, tailors and consultants, we own sampling atelier and production facility, employing over 30 people.



3. What is special/ unique about your services/ technology/ facilities?

We care, and we share our knowledge. Our facility is really modern and each step of the process is traced digitally so we know everything on how each garment was made. We base our competence on the knowledge and experience of people working for us. By empowering them, we add value to our customers.

4. Where are you located?

Lodz, Poland


5. Can you tell us a bit about your company history?

We are a family business with over 30 years of history  behind us. In our beginnings in the 80’s it was just my mother doing the sewing and my father doing the cutting. We’ve built the business on wholesale to Russian market mainly, but then decided to switch to services about 15 years ago and now we share our expertise and skill with others. This is a long history of passion and love for clothes making.

6. Who is your typical customer?

We serve mostly upcoming to medium companies with emphasis on quality and details. Startups are welcome. You never know who will be the next one in Vogue

7. Can you name a few references?

Sure, we’ve worked for countless brands along those years some of them are:
Honnete from Japan, Elizabeth Stuart Bride from US, Maria Grachvogel and IVI Collection from Germany, Good Garment Collective from Germany,  Iris Van Herpen from Netherlands, Monnari from Poland, French Connection and many, many more.

8. What are you currently developing, what would you like to achieve in the future?

We are specialists in refined fabrics like silks, and cashmeres. I am developing our facility for sportswear now as I see great potential in merging fashion with sportswear. As far as the big picture goes I am focused on ever improving our processes, quality and customer service. In the future I will teach young designers about our craft and product development in fashion.

Contact person:

Greg /  co-owner
Tel: +48 509 959 384

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