Featured Clothing Manufacturer: Black Diamond Textile – Made in Turkey


For us at Sqetch, excellence and quality are essential terms to develop and improve the fashion and textile industry – and today we’d like to introduce you to our special partner member in Turkey, who takes these terms as a serious thing. Black Diamond Textile was established in 2ooo and is specialised in apparel searching and manufacturing, with long years of market experience. 

Since its foundation, Black Diamond has worked hard to build up a desirable reputation as one of the major ready to wear garment manufacturers and exporters companies of Turkey. For the company, it is fundamental to have its clients and partners satisfied,  when it comes to design value, product quality, price structure, and quick response. 

For that reason, Black Diamond Textile has succeeded to be a trustable partner for the world’s leading brands. Their goal is to set up a continuous and long-term business relationship with all the business partners.

“We created fashion designs with a lot of love, serious attention to detail, and adhere to the strictest standards of quality.”

                                                                                                   Black Diamond


The Roots: Turkey

The manufacturer is influenced by its roots. A country that is the bridge between Asia and Europe, and has transformed itself into one of the largest destinations for textile and apparel sourcing in the world. Over hundreds of years, Turkish culture and fashion dominated the Eastern Mediterranean, taking influences from around the world and mixing them together to create something amazing. 

Turkey is an excellent destination for textile sourcing, fabric dyeing, and production, mixing high-quality craftsmanship with modern technology to produce products that consumers love. 

The Services Offered:

Black Diamond Textile provides its clients with  cutting-edge fashion trends and quality materials, covering all kinds of product  ranges;

  • Men’s wear
  • Ladieswear
  • Kidswear
  • Intimate apparel
  • Accessories


That includes all kinds of jersey and knitwear, wovens, jeans, jacket and coats bags, shoes and belts and nightwear.

“High-quality materials for our high-quality products”

Would you like to have a partnership with Black Diamond?

Here are some specifications provided by the company:

  • MOQ start from 50 pieces per style 
  • Necessary to provide a sample or a tech pack of your style for the right quote request. 
  • Only works with Oko certificated fabric suppliers
  • Detailed quality control processes are implemented to maintain sustainable high production standards. Passing from defined control points, the products are subject to various tests such as entry control tests and pilot tests.
  • The lead time after all approvals is 6-8 weeks and for the repeat order, it is about 4-6 weeks. Sample production 2 weeks.
  • Fabric sourcing is also possible
  • Production facilities of Black Diamond Textile are audited and certified by international organizations concerning Social Adaptation and Conformity, Codes of Conduct, Health, and Safety and Codes of Ethics. 
  • Waste management policies are implemented in the production facilities to minimize the environmental impact caused.

Black Diamond supports its customers with a dedicated design team and well-established research & development facilities. Finally, it’s important to highlight that the latest fabric development samples and clothing designs are always available to their customers, as they always look to offer rich collections reflecting the latest fashion trends, with their current seven in-house designers.

Interested in requesting a quote?  Click here.

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