Exciting News: Sqetch and Sourcebook join forces!


Here at Sqetch, we are always dedicated to growing our platform to bring together clothing brands and manufacturers from across the globe. That’s why we are excited to announce the next phase of our expansion: our merger with Sourcebook.

Sourcebook, is a Berlin-based company, bringing clothing brands and manufacturers into contact primarily through offline means such as trade fairs, conferences, workshops and networking events. Sourcebook’s years of expertise in innovation, digitisation and sustainability, mixed with Sqetch’s online platform and visibility means we can offer our members even more products and features for the same low costs. In the coming weeks, Sourcebook users will join the Sqetch platform, which means that our platform will grow and diversify, bringing the overall membership base up to more than 25,000 businesses.

Aside from the new members joining the Sqetch platform, we will be introducing more online features to better cater to all our members’ needs, including a new third user category alongside ‘Manufacturers’ and ‘Brands,’ called ‘Service Providers.’ This category will be for businesses offering services to brands and/or manufacturers, such as logistics, sales, consultancy, fabric sourcing, accessories, etc. This way all parts of the supply chain processes can be done via the Sqetch platform.

We will also be introducing a new Bulletin Board, where users can post inquiries and offers to be matched with the right partners, making the whole sourcing process even more simple than before! Currently on Sqetch, a brand/designer makes a request using our Project Management Tool. Now you can post general inquiries to our Bulletin Board, allowing for greater visibility, smoother communication, and negotiation.

Memberships on the Sqetch platform will stay the same for the most part, but we will be adding new perks for Gold Members with the launch of the “Sqetch Agency.” Gold Members will have first access to participate in workshops, trade fairs, conferences and other industry events, and get a spotlight feature on the Sqetch online magazine, shared in the monthly newsletter and our social media channels.

More About Sourcebook.

Sourcebook is a Berlin-based B2B online sourcing platform for the textile industry, similar to Sqetch. They have thousands of verified businesses that includes designers, agencies, and brands on one side, and craftspeople, garment manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers on the other.

Besides digital matchmaking, Sourcebook curates and organizes a wide variety of innovation platforms that aim to kickstart the digital and sustainable transformation of the fashion and textiles industry.

These include the Thinkathon collaborative design thinking workshops and innovation showcases, which often take place together with the Fashionsustain conference, offline networking events such as the Berlin-Poland B2B matchmaking initiative, business delegations and sourcing trips where brands can meet manufacturers first hand, like the group tour to Kahramanmaras, Turkey. Sourcebook regularly takes part in some of the major fashion and textile fairs like Berlin Fashion Week, Munich Fabric Start, Techtextil, and for the first time this year, Intertextile Shanghai, to curate exhibitions, conferences, give lectures and moderate panels.

Apart from online sourcing and offline events, the company frequently works together with industry leaders, government agencies, and universities, and offers consultancy concerning feasibility studies, finance, marketing, branding, sales, strategy, sustainability, and technological innovation inside the fashion industry.

Considering the long list of achievements Sourcebook has accomplished, we believe that their experience and knowledge, coupled with our network and online platform will add great value to Sqetch, and benefit the thousands of members who use the platforms. We are really happy to join forces with Sourcebook and from now on we are bigger and wiser than ever.

Sqetch ♥ Sourcebook

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