Digital Fashion Future Readiness Programme supports German emerging brands.


Collaboration is key in these unprecedented times of crisis. Supported by Berlin Senat and Fashion Council Germany, we are thrilled to kick off the #DigitalFashionFutureReadiness programme!

The #DFFR programme supports emerging brands that are striving for a digital transformation and want to re-equip themselves for the future in order to survive in international competition. Within the #DFFR programme, the brands are offered workshops and personal coaching sessions for different tools and programs to realise their digital transformation. Complementary #DigitalFashionFutureReadiness webinars on various business topics of the fashion industry are also offered to the broader public.

To kick off the #DFFR programme, we’ve onboarded 10 solution partners and 10 brands, that includes a variety of different companies focusing on different digitization topics such as D2C, digital campaigns, 3D Design, sourcing, brand building, inventory, social media marketing, social ads and many more. 

Sqetch is proud to support the DFFR programme as a co-curator of digital solutions as well as sponsoring Sqetch Premium Memberships and E-Learning resources for friction free and sustainable supply chains. We are in good company with other innovators such as:

Tim Devlin
A freelance consultant supports the selected brands with digital strategy development workshops and individual coaching.

Offers E-Commerce management solutions for businesses, such – a digital design and development studio, specializing in creating engaging and meaningful digital brand experiences for customers, Shopify stores and disruptive e-commerce apps. provides crowdfunding and pre-order Shopify app solutions, which allow brands to work independently with their own projects, ideas, and to fund production and orders. Crowdlify is a rewards based crowdfunding and pre-orders launchpad for various products from startups and brands.

Focusing on finding innovative solutions to communicate fashion, Clo3D develops 3D Fashion Design software to digitize the garment production on various stages.

Lectra Modaris
With their pattern making software, Lectra Modaris aims to deliver its products of high quality and to revamp individuals product development and their pattern making process with 2D and 3D pattern making, grading and prototyping solutions.

Provides individuals with affordable business management tools which are helping fashion brands to streamline their production and sales. These tools are useful and allow brands to instantly upload their products and calculate their prices using markups wholesale to retail. 

Custom Gateway
Having main business around a cloud software platform, CustomGateway is fully focused on ecommerce. This platform provides a digital content database and network designed in order to provide the final solution to selling and manufacturing customised. 

An omnichannel set up that creates packages based on shopware.

Focused on helping fashion brands and suppliers to see the difference and usage of the environmental impact it has on the client, such as checking the CO2 emissions, water depletion, energy, ect. of the products within the supply chain.

The Motif All-Access provides for each of their users one year unlimited usage to their courses online website (MOTIF’S). They also provide training towards learning more about sustainability, 3D, Designing to Cost, Textiles, Sourcing Strategies or Fit and various different more topics.

We are also happy to onboard 10 fashion brands to #DFFR programme:

Nove is a brand that offers a modern women wardrobe, which can be warm before, during and also after pregnancy.

Faulhaber is a premium brand based in Berlin, run by Melanie Faulhaber and Marcel Kattner, with focus on sustainable products.

Novice Wear is a brand in which the mission is to explore new shapes with traditional workwear references and materials. They also focused on sourcing fabrics from producers which have workwear backgrounds.

Malaika Raiss established in 2010 and based on casual womens wear, that focuses on detail and yet creating a contemporary ready to wear and accessories. 

Natasha Von Hischhausen is an eco-friendly brand in which the mission is to avoid waste, and instead of upcycling leftovers, it should be taken into consideration beforehand. This brand has also been awarded with the Federal Award Ecodesign in 2017.

Nana Bodywear is a brand that is created for women, and combines innovation,fashion, sustainability and different social issues.

William Fan is a brand that is based in Berlin and established in 2015 with its aim to be precise in tailoring and using the playful fusion with the chinese origins and the European elements.

Marcel Ostertag is a brand of individuals which gets inspired by the fast paces and pulsating streets in Berlin. He is inspired by traditional influences connecting to modern interpretation.

Esther Perbandt is a fashion designer brand based in Berlin, and their vision is on the colour black, and its artful creation in which expresses a loud sense of personality and individuality. 

Working Title is aiming to design clothing which can accompany the wearer for a long duration. The mission of being comfortable, natural, and also having  simple but yet modern and sophisticated design.

Want to learn more? On the DFFR Webinars, enjoy the podcasts and follow the program news via #DigitalFashionFutureReadiness and #DFFR hashtags on social media.

The program is running until the end of the year. Stay tuned for the upcoming updates!


Get in touch with us at in case you have any questions, suggestions or wishes.

Let’s shape the industry together!

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