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Apparel Manufacturing in Portugal

Portugal is known around the world as an excellent destination for apparel sourcing and manufacturing for clothing brands of all sizes. Due to its great geographic position, it is easy for shipments to reach Europe and the Americas quickly, saving time and money on shipping. The Portuguese garment industry has a rich history dating back to colonial times, where Lisbon was regarded as one of the most important ports in Europe.

Fabrics, including silk from India and Cotton from Africa, were used in traditional Portuguese garments, making Lisbon a fashion capital; something that remains today. Portuguese clothing and textile manufacturers have the know-how and the technology to produce high-quality garments for a lower cost than many of their European counterparts.   

Featured Clothing Manufacturer in Portugal

Fashion Team

1. Can you tell us what your company is all about?

Fashion Team was started in 1983 with the goal of producing high-quality fashion products for fair prices. We offer low MOQs so brands of all sizes can produce with us. We have over 30 years of experience in sourcing fabrics and manufacturing garments for men, women, and children. We do quality control through all stages of production and can deliver anywhere in Europe, Africa, and the Americas. We look forward to working with you! 

2. Why is Portugal a good place to manufacture apparel?

Portugal has a long history of being a major trade hub for the world. Fashion from all around the globe came together here. Portugal has highly experienced sewing experts working with new machines making quality garments for less money than other European countries. There are many government programs to support apparel and textile manufacturing to assist fashion brands to produce in Portugal. Many large brands like Zara, H&M, and GAP produce their clothes in Portugal because of this. 

3. What advice would you give new designers and start-up brands?

To start up brands, we would kindly ask you to have a budget and strategy of how you want to create and grow your business.  We are happy to assist you with as much as we can, like consultation and design, but it’s your vision we produce. When you send a message on Sqetch, be clear, have your designs or idea ready and be professional.

Quick Facts About Clothing Manufacturing in Portugal

  • Portuguese revenue in the Fashion segment is €776 Million in 2019. 
  • Revenue in the Fashion segment grows on average 10.2% annually. 
  • Some of Portugal’s top exports are garments accounting for $5 billion annually. 

Top Clothing Manufacturers in Portugal

To help you find the manufacturers in Portugal that best meet your needs, we’ve created a list of potential manufacturers you can work with: 

If you’d like to look for more manufacturers, you can use our search page to access our extensive list of manufacturers worldwide and request them a quote directly through the Sqetch platform.

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