Clothing manufacturers in Europe 2022


Apparel Manufacturing in Europe

What do you think about when someone says Europe? History? Tourism? Fashion? Yes, Europe is an amazing continent with a long, rich history of being the capital of world fashion making Europe one of the most ideal places to produce. Countries like The UK, France, Italy GermanyPortugalThe Netherlands, and Greece have been centres of fashion for centuries, leading the way in creating new trends, fabrics, and production methods. Recently in Europe, Eastern European countries such as UkraineRomaniaBulgariaThe Baltics, and Poland have also emerged as large players in the textile and garment manufacturing industry. While Europe has been usually associated with high production costs, new innovations in technology, sustainable fabrics, and green and ethical practices have transformed Europe to be able to compete effectively against many Asian manufacturers such as China and India. Interested to find a manufacturer in Europe? Sqetch can help you.  

Quick Facts About Clothing Manufacturing in Europe

  • Revenue in the Fashion segment in 2019 is an estimated €31.7 Billion.
  • The European Fashion market is expected to grow an estimated 2.7% annually until 2023. 
  • The European fashion and textile industry employs over 10 million people. 

Featured Manufacturers from Europe

To help you find the manufacturers in Europe that best meet your needs, we’ve created a list of potential manufacturers you can work with: 

If you’d like to look for more manufacturers, you can use our search page to access our extensive list of manufacturers worldwide and request them a quote directly through the Sqetch platform.


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