What does it mean to be listed as a Circular Service Provider?

By taking the Self Assessment, you will be eligible to get a “Circular Service Provider” flagging and get promoted in the sqetch.co directory. As a “Circular Service Provider” you will receive a dedicated batch, prioritized listing in search results and being promoted in our ‘Close the Loop in Garment Manufacturing’ campaign.

What are the conditions to be considered as a Circular Service Provider?

Fashion brands today often provide basic manufacturing instructions and leave the manufacturer to decide which threads, textile labels, fixation techniques etc. are used, which can (unintentionally) reduce the (intended) recyclability of a garment. Therefore, it is important that manufacturing facilities have the know-how and tools to produce circular products.

How to apply for a Circular Service Provider badge?

We’ve designed this Circular Manufacturing Self Assessment to enable manufacturers assess their manufacturing tools and practices. When the Self Assessment is successfully passed, manufacturers have the chance to get listed as a “Circular Service Provider”

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