Circular Design Sprint | Wrap up report


It’s a wrap! The virtual part of the Circular Design Sprint has come to an end and now it is time to take a look back on these two weeks that we have spent with our fabulous teams.

Powered by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Berlin, facilitated by and organized Sqetch, the Circular Design Sprint was a hybrid event all around circular fashion with regard to the use of innovative and sustainable materials, which consisted of a two weeks virtual training from end of May to beginning of June 2020 and a physical event taking place in Berlin in October 2020.

We were overwhelmed by the large number of talented and motivated applicants and it was not an easy task to make a final selection due to limited spots available. However, after onboarding 32 creatives from the fashion industry, we kicked-off the Circular Design Sprint on 27th May 2020, welcoming the participants and introducing the scope of the training.

Over the course of two weeks, five interdisciplinary teams have been working on redesigning five different products in accordance with circular design principles. The training included understanding, emphasizing, creating point of view, ideating, prototyping, testing and iterating the product challenge.

At the end of two intense weeks of the Circular Design Sprint, the teams presented their ideas at the wrap up session. We are thrilled by the incredible outcome, level of professionalism and passionate creativity that participants have shown in such a short time frame and we are excited to share a sneak peek of the final results with you.

Each team was focused on a different product category: suit / blazer, denim, outdoor jacket, leather bag or blouse / dress. The training challenge was built up around redesigning the assigned garment, and each team has come up with incredible ideas and solutions that can be brought to life any time soon! Take a look.

Team Suit / Blazer | “The Blazer Collective”

The Blazer Collective presented the perfect blazer that would be customizable, sustainable and recyclable accomplished by a platform to “truly connect to your product as well as your community”.

Team Denim | “Seed to Soil Company”

Seed to Soil guided us through their ideated production facilities and introduced their concept – a sustainable premium mens denim brand, producing high quality durable jeans. Asking “What if cotton can be a catalyst of a positive change?”, Seed to Soil highlighted that their materials are both biodegradable and of high quality.

Team Outdoor Jacket | “Puffair”

“Wear, love, store, repeat”, – with this slogan the Puffair team redesigned a puffer winter jacket to be recyclable in a mono-cycle system. The product design is interactive and inflatable, transitional and adjustable. The team also thought of the customer experience by introducing the “Urban Wear Cafe”.

Team Leather Bag | “RAKKA”

RAKKA transformed a conventional leather bag to a unique product that is described as “circular product-service-experience combo that expands your perception of sustainability while being desirable, cruelty-free, inclusive and innovative”. From sourcing to end users and value propositions, the team has thoughtfully considered aesthetics, functionality, durability, touch and versatility of their product.

Team Blouse / Dress | “Dress Yourself”

Dress Yourself took a mass-manufactured dress and saved it from ending up in a bin. With allowing their consumers to “build your signature style”, the team deconstructed the dress into its components and came up with a fully customizable and recyclable dress that comes with complimentary after-sales service and support.

Thank you, our fabulous participants, coaches and organisers!

You can also read the final Circular Design Sprint report here.

The virtual training was facilitated by a wonderful team of coaches from (Ina Budde, Luna Mazzolini, Jonna Haeggblom and Susanne Mira Heinz). They made sure that participants were always on track of their tasks and challenges and provided their expertise on questions arising.

Big thank you to The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Berlin represented by Gijs Könings and Valerie-Anne Houppermans (who also curate ALL GOOD(s) program all around new materials in architecture, design and fashion for a future circular economy) for making the Circular Design Sprint possible!

It might be the end of the virtual training session, but the Circular Design Sprint doesn’t finish yet. We are welcoming our participants and applicants to join us at the physical Circular Design Sprint event in Berlin on October 1st, 2020!

Get in touch with us at in case you have any questions, suggestions or wishes.

Let’s shape the industry together!

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