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You are wondering what Sqetch is about? Have a quick look at our walk through presentation and see all the features and benefits that Sqetch brings with it. Finding the right manufacturer can be exhausting. Sqetch found a solution to simplify your sourcing process. Save time sourcing and find your perfect partner in just a […]
Finding the perfect manufacturer can be exhausting. Save time and find your suitable manufacturer or service provider in minutes. How it Works Sign Up Sqetch makes signing up easy. Only an email is required, and once signed up you can begin to create a project. 2. Create a Project Our project management tool makes it […]
The sourcing process can be exhausting and time-consuming. Sqetch help you to find suitable brands for you by getting you the exposure you deserve! Receive high quality leads today and connect easily with new businesses.
We introduce our Bulletin Board, here you can post inquiries and offers to be matches with the right partners, making the whole sourcing process even more simple than before! The Bulletin Board increases your visibility and generates a smoother communication and negotiation.

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