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You are wondering what Sqetch is all about? Sqetch is an online B2B sourcing and networking platform where fashion brands can connect to manufacturers and more players to bring their fashion products to life. Complete with planning software, the entire product development and production processes can be managed online for smoother communication and efficient collaboration. […]
Finding the perfect manufacturer can be exhausting – for that reason, you can count on Sqetch to save your money and time and help you find a suitable manufacturer or service provider in a few clicks.  How it Works? It’s simple! We’ve prepared a tutorial guide to explain everything to you. Let’s check it out: […]
The sourcing process can be exhausting and time-consuming. Sqetch helps you to find suitable brands for you by getting you the exposure you deserve! It’s a great opportunity to receive high-quality leads and connect easily with new businesses. but first…how Sqetch works?   Now that you learned more about how the platform works, we have […]
We introduce our Bulletin Board, here you can post inquiries and offers to be matches with the right partners, making the whole sourcing process even more simple than before! The Bulletin Board increases your visibility and generates a smoother communication and negotiation.
Picture this: your sketches are now complete and your brand is ready to produce. You’ve got your website set up and you’re excited to take the next step in your journey. Maybe you’ve found the manufacturer you want to work with and now they’re asking for a tech pack. Fashion tech packs are what make […]
In recent years, sustainability has become a hot topic within the fashion industry. Climate change, environmental degradation, and increased awareness about the dangers of chemicals used in apparel have forced clothing brands and manufacturers to reevaluate their practices, in favour of sustainable ones. The garment and textile industry is one of the largest polluters in […]
Starting your own clothing line might seem like a lot of work, but with the right tips you’re halfway there! Make sure you keep these things in mind before embarking upon your new adventure. Do your research You can never do too much research. Make sure that you know the industry you’ll be diving into. […]

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