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Apparel Manufacturing in Romania In the last couple of decades, Romania has become a particularly attractive destination for apparel and textile manufacturing. This is due to three primary traits in the Romanian industry;  efficiency, long-learned skills, and relatively cheap costs compared to other European Countries. Romania’s membership in the European Union and close proximity to Western Europe make shipping affordable and easy while ensuring ethical […]
Apparel Manufacturing in Poland Driven by the entrepreneurial spirit, Poland has become the fastest-growing European economy in the last decade. This fast and steady rise is due to Poland’s ever-expanding manufacturing industry in which the fashion segment accounts for just over €3 Billion. With hundreds of years of traditional weaving experience, coupled with the newest technology sewing […]
Apparel Manufacturing in Vietnam Located in South-Eastern Asia, Vietnam has a long and rich history of apparel manufacturing. High-quality fabrics, mixed with years of traditional techniques have made Vietnam know to fashion producers for years. New innovations and investments in technology in recent years have transformed Vietnam into one of the largest clothing and textile […]
Apparel Manufacturing in Asia What do you think about when someone says, Asia? Culture? History? Tourism? Fashion? Asia is the biggest continent that contains 4.5 Billion people with a wide variety of unbelievable cultures and a rich history.  There are so many things to discover like islands, gigantic futuristic cities, temples, and nature. Besides all […]
Apparel Manufacturing in Turkey Turkey, the bridge between Asia and Europe, has transformed itself into one of the largest destinations for textile and apparel sourcing in the world. Over hundreds of years, Turkish culture and fashion dominated the Eastern Mediterranean, taking influences from around the world and mixing them together to create something amazing. Today, Turkey is the […]
Apparel Manufacturing in Bulgaria Bulgaria has a long history of being a centre of fashion in Eastern Europe. Located at the eastern edge of Europe, Bulgarian fashion manufacturing has been often compared to the high quality of its Turkish neighbours. Family-run production facilities pass down hand skills from generation to generation, and this, mixed with new […]
Apparel Manufacturing in China There is a reason why almost everything we use today has the “Made in China” label; the Chinese have become experts on efficiently producing products and meeting deadlines. The same is applicable in the fashion industry when concerning apparel manufacturing. Once a destination for fast-fashion and value market production, higher costs […]
Apparel Manufacturing in Germany With a long history of manufacturing and innovation, German clothing manufacturers offer brands of all sizes the ability to produce high-quality garments with fast lead times. The fashion industry remains highly important in Germany with over 120,000 people employed by garment and textile manufacturers. Germany is also the fourth largest textile […]
Apparel Manufacturing in The United Kingdom The fashion and textile industry has a long history of being revolutionized by the British. During the colonial period, textiles made from wool dominated the British market, accounting for over 25% of exports in the 18th century. As the British empire expanded, the introduction of silk and cotton in […]
Apparel Manufacturing in Europe What do you think about when someone says Europe? History? Tourism? Fashion? Yes, Europe is an amazing continent with a long, rich history of being the capital of world fashion making Europe one of the most ideal places to produce. Countries like The UK, France, Italy,  Germany, Portugal, The Netherlands, and Greece have been centres of fashion […]
Apparel Manufacturing in Portugal Portugal is known around the world as an excellent destination for apparel sourcing and manufacturing for clothing brands of all sizes. Due to its great geographic position, it is easy for shipments to reach Europe and the Americas quickly, saving time and money on shipping. The Portuguese garment industry has a rich history […]
Apparel Manufacturing in India From the Himalayas to the Ganges, to the Indian Ocean, India truly is an amazing and large country. It is the largest producer of cotton, the second-largest producer of silk, and has a long history of fabric crafts dating thousands of years. Skills such as weaving, embroidery, and other masteries have been passed […]

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