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As part of the Sqetch spirit, we are constantly looking to expand our horizons. Next to the matchmaking platform, Sqetch supports innovators to connect with industry partners to scale their impact with brokerage events, showcases and R&D projects. Along with the projects, Sqetch takes part in multiple events that aim to empower the industry members […]
Innovation and true collaboration need safe spaces and trusted door openers. Next to our digital matchmaking Sqetch supports innovators to connect with industry partners to scale their impact with brokerage events, showcases and R&D projects.  Along with the projects, Sqetch has expanded its horizons worldwide and established key partnerships for impactful collaborations. The aim is […]
202030 — The Berlin Fashion Summit is a cross-disciplinary platform, where avant-garde creatives meet industry stakeholders for constructive critical debates on the future of fashion. The goal is to bridge the gap between existing sustainability innovations and solutions with the industry’s need for pragmatic transformation guidelines and to envision tangible new alliances for new value […]
The Berlin startup,, supports brands by increasing the lifetime of their products, to promote sustainability and circularity in fashion. In recent years, the term circular fashion has become increasingly essential. With the aim to make the cycle of goods circular, the business responds to the world’s cry for help in conserving resources and increasing […]
We are proud and happy to introduce the TRICK project: the H2020 funded project for adoption, tracing and demonstration of sustainable approaches by means of an innovative and circular product information management system secured by Blockchain. July 2021 – The adoption of sustainable and circular approaches in production is one of these days big topics. The transition from linear […]
Dear Sqetch Community, We are thrilled to share with you that our new website was completely redesigned to make it more user friendly and improve your experience using our platform.  It also means numerous benefits for Brands and Manufacturers – now the platform is way more intuitive, so you can get the most out of […]
Sqetch and DITF have joined forces in the KompakT project having started from April 1st, 2021 onwards for a 2 years time span. The complexity of the fashion supply chains rather frequently prevents the implementation of innovative fashion concepts. The current challenge of the fashion industry can be characterised by: Growing demand for short runs […]
The world is going through difficult times, especially regarding environmental issues. To make matters worse, the projections aren’t that optimistic, as the emission of polluting gases is going through the roof. In our magazine, the blog post “The future of fashion, now!”,  written by Anas Alshanti, founder of Fundlify,  brought up this important topic and pointed out the […]
We’re witnessing a major shift in climate change caused by CO2 and other harmful greenhouse-gas emissions that are increasingly trapping heat in the atmosphere, as a result; raising global temperatures. In other words; our planet is becoming hotter! The main gases responsible for the greenhouse effect include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, natural water vapor, […]
The first edition of 202030 – THE BERLIN FASHION SUMMIT, which took place as part of Berlin Fashion Week from 21-24 January 2021, successfully encouraged a change in the fashion industry and inspired rethinking the future of fashion: with almost 1500 registered participants from all over the world, including high-class professionals and an active audience […]
By joining forces with the digital 202030 – THE BERLIN FASHION SUMMIT in January, Berlin starts 2021 strengthened as the location for sustainability, innovation, and creativity in fashion. With the refocus of Berlin Fashion Week, studio MM04 organized in cooperation with Sqetch, and the Beneficial Design Institute a new collective content format with the aim […]
The use of bio-based materials as well as reuse and recycling are emerging practices in the textile sector. The EU funded HEREWEAR project aims at the creation of a European ecosystem for locally produced circular textiles and clothing made from bio-based resources. We from Sourcebook / Sqetch will support the project to close the loop in textile production […]

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