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Ever feel like ending up in the same stores as back home when shopping abroad? Looking for this unique local boutique shop when on holiday, but nowhere to be found? Sounds familiar? Then check The Local Goods store in Amsterdam. It’s the perfect alternative to the multi-national clothing shops you can find almost everywhere. Located […]
We recently had the chance to sit down with Tom, the creative director of Hawthorn International based in The United Kingdom, who answered some questions about the company, its values and its commitment to sustainability. Hello Tom and thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Can you tell us a little bit about your background? […]
Introducing our latest Sourcebook Partner WE MAKE SHIRTS: a creative design agency for fashion brands offering the complete 360° package, from concept development to production. Who are you? WE MAKE SHIRTS is a creative agency for fashion and concept design. We make fashion in the heart of Berlin: bold, brilliant and focused! Fashion designers, graphic […]
Today, the Sqetch team interviewed two brands that come together as Downtown Dress Up. Designers Sanne Gils and Daniela Larue share their studio at the Local Goods Store in Amsterdam. Daniela is an artist and fashion designer. She gets inspiration from everything that surrounds her, especially street scenes that she draws and turns into wooden […] is excited to introduce our Gold Member, Ecologic Republic B.V. and its founder, Andriana Landegent. Established in 1992 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Ecologic Republic B.V. is strongly committed to fairtrade practices and transparency using a wide range of sustainable fabrics: GOTS certified and fairtrade flo-cert millmade and artisanal fabrics with no certifications, making it one of the first […]
Founded in 1973, Lectra is a technology company specialising in CAD software and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) cutting systems for leather and textiles. Taking a holistic approach that incorporates machinery, software, data and services, Lectra provides turnkey solutions for the apparel, furniture and automotive industries. By digitising, automating and optimising product design, development and manufacturing, their […]
INTRODUCING THE X MACHINE Founded in 1919, Santoni is the premier Italian sock knitting machine manufacturer who over the last 20 years has developed a series of seamless, circular knitting machines, used by the world’s leading luxury, sportswear and high-street brands. A revolution in textile machinery, seamless machines were initially limited to underwear and hosiery production […]
In partnership with TCBL: Textile & Clothing Business Labs, the EU textile and clothing project bringing manufacturing back to Europe, we have set up a Matchmaking Pilot programme to connect suppliers with brands and designers.  From Portugal to Romania, we introduce the four companies currently on the scheme to the Sourcebook community. So if you’re looking […]
8 QUESTIONS WITH MATTHIAS SCHMID Who are you? My name is Matthias, I am an entrepreneur and marketing enthusiast. I have been in the marketing industry now for 13 years, with 2 agencies, which I built up from the very beginning: one focusing on Video Innovation,  the other on Social Media and Strategy. In recent […]
TEXTILE & CLOTHING BUSINESS LABS We are very happy to introduce our latest Sourcebook Partner TCBL, and the marriage of our two networks! Read on to discover what TCBL does and can do for you. Who are you? TCBL stands for Textile & Clothing Business Labs and is a European textile and clothing project born out of […]
JAPANESE SELVEDGE DENIM, MADE IN GERMANY Made with handpicked organic cotton, dyed and woven in Japan, then manufactured in Germany, D’loop Jeans was established “with the aim to create a new zeitgeist and fashion awareness in society.” Says founder Harry Singh: “We did not like the long-running trend of low quality, overpriced, throwaway clothing – […]
CAREER FACTORY Start up or upgrade your creative career with Sandra Volz’s 25 years of fashion industry experience! One lucky reader has the chance to win a free 30 minute coaching/consulting session – read on to find out more. Who are you? My name is Sandra Volz, I am the CEO of the company FCC-Karrierefabrik and work […]

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