Can Fast Fashion and Sustainable Fashion Coexist?


Can fast fashion and sustainable fashion coexist?

Fast fashion and sustainable fashion have been trends for quite a while now but never have they been such a hot topic as today. H&M has launched it’s much praised (and criticised) #WorldRecycleWeek Campaign with singer/rapper MIA, initiatives like “Who Made My Clothes” and “Fashion Revolution Week” are getting huge amounts of attention and companies all over the globe are promising to become more sustainable.

But not only big companies try to make a difference, most of the young & emerging designers we talk to at Sqetch see sustainability as a very big issue in the fashion industry. It’s obvious that the concerns are there but the question remains: can our endless thirst for new clothing coexist with our wish to keep this planet clean? We don’t have the answer to this question but we hope that these articles can help you form your own opinion:

Closing the loop

All major fashion players are following the sustainability trend(s) from famous fashion houses to high street retailers but nobody does it quite like H&M. This article is all about H&M’s closing the loop campaign and sustainability campaigns recently launcehd by other brands.  Also, it reveals the surprising fact that the fashion industry is responsible for a lot of the plastic particles in our oceans. In fact, every time garments made out of plastic fibres – like fleece – are being washed millions of plastic particles are released into the sea. Read the whole article here: Defining sustainability and closing the loop

Future Materials

Sustainability is not only about recycling, also the use of different kinds of fabrics can make a big difference. And you would be surprised how many options there are! Textiles made out of bamboo, hemp, flax, etc. they all exist, but the production price is still too high for mainstream retailers to use them. But it doesn’t stop at substitutes for cotton. In fact,  also leather can be replaced by something other than the usual ‘faux leather’ you can find in stores like Primark. Researchers are trying to grow leather in labs and the skins of pineapples make a great leather substitute as well. To learn more about the future materials in fashion and why leather from salmon is more expensive than python leather, read the full article here: Sustainable material pioneers

Future of Fashion Debated in Copenhagen

1250 fashion delegates debated the future of fashion during the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. The main topic was (yes you’ve guessed it): sustainibility. To learn more about what all the big industry players (Nike, LMHV,… ) had to say, read the full article from WWD here: Copenhagen Fashion Summit 

The True Cost

Last but not least the documentary ‘The True Cost’, this eye opening film about the fashion industry is what the Inconvenient Truth was for ecology to the industry we all love so much. Both the negative effects on our planet and the garment workers all over the world are addressed.

You can stream the movie on Netflix and here: Movie The True Cost 


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