Call for Participation | Circular Design Sprint


Hosted by the Dutch Embassy, stakeholders from the fashion industry will have the opportunity to come together in a multi-stakeholderCircular Design Sprint an event around circular fashion with regard to the use of new materials organised by Sqetch and facilitated by on Wednesday, 27th of May in Berlin.

We are calling on all designers, producers, businesses, policymakers, industry representatives, researchers, consultants and even students to be part of the one-day workshop with 5 interdisciplinary teams that will work on one given product challenge ideating on the question: 

How might we re-design a product according to circular design principles? 

The workshop is underpinned by design thinking methods and includes a theoretical foundation to sustainable and circular design. It showcases state-of-the-art circular materials and design strategies as well as hands-on ideation and prototyping. Learn how to understand the challenges presented, map out different routes of possible solutions and be assisted by facilitators.

The workshop will be concluded by a participants dinner and followed by a presentation of key take-aways from the workshop. The evening networking events including presentations on Dutch and German CE Fashion initiatives and panel talks on the circular fashion industry will be open for the public.

Get to know key players and experts of the industry and built up strong relationships during our networking session in the iconic location of ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory

Join us for a full-day Circular Design Sprint and learn all about how to design fashion for circularity with new materials! The participation is free, yet spaces are limited. Secure your spot here or email our Event Manager Chrissy at!

We can’t wait to meet you in Berlin! 


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