Berlin’s call for transformation in fashion – 202030 The Berlin Fashion Summit


By joining forces with the digital 202030 – THE BERLIN FASHION SUMMIT in January, Berlin starts 2021 strengthened as the location for sustainability, innovation, and creativity in fashion. With the refocus of Berlin Fashion Week, studio MM04 organized in cooperation with Sqetch, and the Beneficial Design Institute a new collective content format with the aim to create and encourage future fashion systems. International and local experts and innovators from fashion, science, business, education, politics, art & tech will be invited to 202030 – THE BERLIN FASHION SUMMIT that consists of two parts: The Pop Up Think Tank (7 – 14 January) and the Summit (22 – 24 January).

This is Berlin’s roaring 2020’s call for transformation in fashion: The 202030 – THE BERLIN FASHION SUMMIT is designed to become an interdisciplinary platform, which enables avant-garde creatives, critical grassroot protagonists and meet industry stakeholders to work together.

“We see the challenge in finding solutions for the needs of diverse fashion industries, consumer cultures, innovation-driven sustainability, and the tech movement. Thus, knowledge exchange, translation, and collaboration between stakeholders is key.”  
Max Gilgenmann, studio MM04.

By involving experts from different disciplines, the 202030 – THE BERLIN FASHION SUMMIT stimulates a visionary, creative, and encouraging dialogue. Through a multi-staged process, the goal is to bridge existing innovations with the industry and envision concrete tangible connections and solutions for a more sustainable future of fashion.

The digital format includes two elements: The Pop Up Think Tank (7 – 14 January) and the Summit (22 – 24 January). The Pop Up Think Tank serves as the first experimental and preparational part and includes three expert workshops. The workshops are not public to ensure an open exchange of ideas and foster meaningful discussions. They will focus on systemically relevant questions from different points of view – by envisioning the future of fashion culture, fashion economy, and the fashion product itself. Selected participants are e.g. Leslie Holden/Co-Founder The Digital Fashion Group, Cornelia Kangur/CEO For Future’s Sake, Evelyn Mora/Founder Helsinki Fashion Week, Stefan Siegel/CEO Not Just A Label, Melissa Drier/Fashion Journalist, Ivana Perbi-Ohlheiser/Founder Wardrobe Affaire, Magnus Dorsch/Senior Project Manager About You, Viktoria Kanar/Co-Founder Re-Fresh Global, Giancarlo Pazzanese/Senior Lecturer Amsterdam Fashion Academy, Huang Damur/Founder Damur.

The Summit serves as the public main part and opens up the dialogue to a broader audience. Each summit day will highlight one of the preceding topics #1 fashion culture, #2 fashion economy and #3 fashion product. Individual workshop participants will present the outcomes of the Pop Up Think Tank. Furthermore, inspirational keynotes will be held, followed by demonstrations and presentations of best practises. Confirmed keynote speakers include Bandana Tewari (Lifestyle Journalist & Sustainability Activist), Matthew Drinkwater (Head of the Fashion Innovation Agency, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London) and Michael Braungart (Co-Founder Cradle to Cradle Design Concept). A closing panel will wrap up the insights of each day and provoke progressive solutions and guidelines for future operations of the fashion industry.

The 202030 – THE BERLIN FASHION SUMMIT is by its name and content concept dedicated to a decade that already before the pandemic was coined and posed by many to become the transformative twenties. The Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting economic shutdowns have caused unprecedented challenges for the fashion industry and again, revealed that the current outdated system on which the fashion industry is built on cannot remain as it is. In order to accelerate the shift to a greener, more sustainable fashion system, it is needed to capture all available resources, potentials and visions. The German capital, that is known for its vivid creativity and its local cross-disciplinary experts, offers a perfect experimental space for understanding and discussing the status quo.

As already known, Berlin stands for diversity, individuality, and zeitgeist in the fashion industry. In addition, sustainability topics and the circular economy have not only gained increasing relevance, but they have also successfully entered the market. Thanks to countless sustainable brands, shops, initiatives, and pioneers, as well as a steadily increasing number of sensitized shoppers, Berlin is the living capital of sustainable fashion. I am delighted that we are adding another important component to the Berlin Fashion Week with the new 202030 – BERLIN FASHION SUMMIT on future and sustainability topics. What is special is that we are developing a common understanding of sustainability for Berlin and the Berlin Fashion Week with the organizers and fashion labels, which we want to expand step by step. Let us surprise you!
Ramona Pop, Mayor and Senator for Economic Affairs, Energy and Operations.

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